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  1. l.i remember the Man doesn't need anyone he has enough money to keep him without work for the next 1000 years.WOW!what man is this?who doesn't need other?.Doctors should know that any species needs its kind to just live. but i still think that he has power to shake Binance..and what is Bitcoin Cash SD?do we need it?if no, why not delist it as well?

  2. The dollar bill is still losing value but Bitcoin and crypto are here to save us Don"t you think that investing on them could protect us from the inevitable collapse of our currency?

  3. Sorry but you are a hypocrite. First you mentioned that you don’t like to bash other project because you respect them, but then you go ahead and bash XRP or other “shitcoins” that are not BTC. Second, you say that all other projects have a face attached to them which in your opinion makes them centralized, except for Bitcoin. Ok so who the hell is Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudo name) with his/hers/their combined holding of 1+ million personal BTC holdings, he/she/they certainly didn’t initially mined those before he/she/they gifted to himself/herself/themselves and then set let the rest of the 20 million BTC loose on the Blockchain for everyone else to fight over it like a GOT epesisode. And who the hell are these people associated with BTC: Novagratz, Ver, Mcafee, Wu, Winklevoss Twins, Wright, Ayers, Vays and so on and so on. By the way my portfolio is 32% BTC before you make an assumption that I don’t own any, but unlike you I do give other projects a chance and invest in them. Have a nice day.

  4. I lived in the Netherlands for 30-years and I'm back in the USA for 2 years now, but when I compare my English with yours…
    You're doing very well my friend! Sometime in jealous 😉
    But that guy clearly didn't do his homework, you'll know right away if someone is from Canada, and you're not.
    You have a heavy Swiss/German accent.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. @sunny decree you are wrong – Bitcoin can be screwed in a same way as SV if one day a real Satoshi will move 1 satoshi together with his post about he`s going to destroy BTC. Or just move 100 000 btc to binance.

  6. sunny, in your support I should say, that this dude's accent accent along with appearance are way scarier than yours if we judging using criteria used by security officers in airports. Lol

  7. Hi Sunny – great video as usual. Now that BTCSV is going to that place where it should hav gone all along -> the trashcan, can you please do a video explaining why you are almost a BTC maximalist and specifically make a comparison the pros and cons of BTC and BCH? That would be super helpful . Thanks!

  8. Bitcoin = Bitstream = Bitmain

    Sorry Sunny.
    Anyone who speaks about BTC knows the very small group that preys on the VERY large group of us.
    Lightning Network? Really?

    But this is what happens when you believe in something that is not bigger than the BLOCKCHAIN.

    Get Smart Sunny.
    Blockchain maximalism


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