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Major Japanese Fintech Company Reveals Plans to Launch Crypto Exchange This Year

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The operator of one of Japan’s most popular personal budgeting apps Money Forward has announced its plans to launch a crypto asset exchange this year.

Money Forward Inc., the operator of one of Japan’s most popular personal budgeting apps, has announced its plans to launch a crypto asset exchange this year, in a company press release Wednesday, May 23.

A new subsidiary, MF Financial Co., Ltd., that launched today will be devoted to the company’s new crypto exchange project, and will be headed by a member of Money Forward’s Blockchain and Virtual Currency Laboratory.

The press release outlines MF’s plans to first launch a crypto media platform by summer 2018, followed by a crypto asset exchange and the construction of a digital assets remittance and settlement system, which the MF Laboratory has been researching since December 2017.

As of late 2017, the Tokyo-based company reportedly has 5.5 mln users, with over 500,000 Japanese businesses and 2,400 accounting firms using its cloud-based software for their tax accounting and invoices.

The company today also announced improved tools for its customers who currently use cryptocurrencies, providing them with an automated crypto accounts book that can be supported with data from twenty domestic and foreign crypto exchanges. The new tools also simplify users’ crypto tax return filings, by giving them an automated profit and loss calculation tool for their transaction histories.

Major Japanese financial institutions are increasingly making inroads in facilitating the country’s booming cryptocurrency sector. Just yesterday, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), the world’s fifth largest bank by total assets, successfully piloted a cross-border payment using a Thai bank’s Blockchain Interledger.

In the past two weeks, MUFG has also revealed that it is partnering with a US cloud delivery platform to launch a blockchain-based global payment network, as well as announcing plans to trial its own cryptocurrency by 2019. Meanwhile, Japan-based global investment bank Nomura last week announced its venture to establish a custodian solution for digital assets, targeting institutional investment in the crypto space.

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Altcoin News – John McAfee Crypto Prediction, Yahoo Japan, Youngest Crypto CEO? Futurama Conference



This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at new price predictions from bitcoin bulls. We also look at a recent article were John McAfee stands by his bitcoin prediction for 2020 and says that Fiat will devalue. Yahoo Japan buys a minority stake in cryptocurrency stake know as BitARG. There is a new cryptocurrency startup known as Pocketful of Quarters which is run by a 12-year-old. There is also a cryptocurrency event in Dubai known as Futurama. We also look at updates from Verge, Ontology and Sia Tech.



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    1. Do you know the responsibilities of a CEO, and to have that at 12 though…Let him be a 12 yr old kid, or just a helper but not ceo. Its obviously not real…the dad will do all the work. Hes Ceo for show.

  1. You really should be careful pushing John McAfee, seriously it is showing how ill informed and unprofessional you are. It’s time you watch Gringo: the dangerous life of John McAfee it’s on Netflix or download it.

    1. @ Phoenix – Are you calling Altcoin Buzz unprofessional? I don’t care much for John McAfee’s personal life, but take note, that John is much more intelligent than you are giving him credit for. I’ve watched Gringo too! His personal life has nothing to do with his business talent, regardless what you or I think he is a genius of his tradecraft. Don’t underestimate John’s predictions.

  2. guys there is a fake channel pretending to be you called “the altcoin buzz”. It’s a scam , don’t fall for it.

    1. Robert Tomkinson the issue is more about their last video, getting a lot of views due to the crypto space interest in the Eos airdrop.
      They are linking a scam site.

    1. We should hope not…and no, Crypto will not go up if it does. It will actually have the reverse affect.
      Crypto would be CRUSHED!
      How does one buy Crypto? With Fiat!
      NOT to mention, the WORLD economy would be completely devastated if this happens. Half the world would be broke, and jobless. Everyone will sell because cash is king. What we want is the USD to become digital. Not to devalue.

  3. Just to clarify that john mcafee prediction. It’s for DEC 2020. There’s a big difference between saying “by 2020” and by “Dec 2020”. Also I believe he has since altered it by reducing it to 500K. 
    Disclaimer: This commenter does not indorse John McAfee, his predictions, or any of his deceitfull activity and agreeing to eating ones own genitalia.

    1. There will be a pullback by tuesday, then the bull run will officially begin!

      $1 Trillion+ by July. YEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  4. Eth is dead just pump and dump take a look at ADA Cardano, it is about to go up 4000% by the end of the month. Get in now.

  5. McAfee has” ZERO” credibility. Do not lose yours by quoting McAfee. I will not discount his past but look what he has accomplished in the last couple years. He freely admits he will shill ANY crypto for $100,000. Lets not even mention his character now. The sheep who invest their money into any of his recommendations deserve what they get. If you can get in on his pumps and sell in time, Go for it but when you eventually lose your money, don’t complain about it.

  6. Really excited about the following:

    Oyster-Main net deploying THIS month!

    Stellar-Easily one of the best with real value

    Ripple-Incredibly successful with financial institutions

    NCash-They already have a working product


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