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  1. First target $61 second target $46 last target $31
    Best place to be for the next year or so is in BTC but the choice is always your
    BTW in 2-3 years it will be NO LTC in the top 10 and even top 20 but this is another story
    From insider

  2. I'm completely new to crypto and have no idea what to do. I got a Trezor model T and guess i have to get wallets for my computer first and then transfer the crypto to my hardwallet somehow? I want to hold some Binance coin, Litecoin and Bitcoin……maybe Nano. I'm just not getting it yet and no one to help. So many exchanges and wallets and not being a computer guy, it's making it complicated. I definitely want to trade between coins though. My head is gonna explode

  3. Got to hand it to you your predictions this year have been spot on. I’ll take your advice and buy some more ŁTC. Great link re Bestchange! Thanks!

    PS There’s Fud going around about Łitecoin development.

    For info response to Fud from Ilir Gashi of Łitecoin Foundation (and Endeavor the owners of UFC)

    Ilir Gashi [LTC⚡] on Twitter: "Here's been some growing FUD regarding Litecoin's Github activity. I defeated this FUD many months ago: Litecoin's developments is still strong and the next goal is to become Sound Money." / Twitter

  4. I have heard that the developers working on the code base of Litecoin has ground down to a single developer (can find this on Github), has Litecoin development stalled? Or even died? Is that why the price is tanking?

  5. Your tech is getting pretty spot on on lately..over the last year you really have put a lot of work in and it shows…I believe the tide is turning for the market and it getting exciting again… thax for the great info.

  6. I like litecoin but I was recently informed and I then looked for myself. Last update of code was last February by one guy a volunteer. Seems nobody is working on it anymore. Could you comment on this issue

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