Did Bitcoin Fail as Digital Gold?

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Comment (36)

  1. Bitcoin like any cryptocurrency and digital currency are just pieces of computer code. Just ask yourself what is computer code really worth, knowing that anyone can launch their own cryptocurrency? There is no limit to the amount of variants that can be introduced. Just like beanie babies in the past, virtual currencies are most of the time very speculative. No smart investor sees bitcoin as a safe haven, knowing what it's intrinsic value is. Digitalizations (in many areas) has it's advantages but not as store of value. Signed, a physicist.

  2. BTC should be successful even if the economy doesn't collapse! All these prophesies of DOOM are cool and everything but, damn! We need to keep discovering practical uses for BTC just in case the world keeps turning.

  3. Peter schiff’s company accepting payments in bitcoin through bit pay is not the same thing as him actually accepting bitcoin. Don’t be misleading.

  4. I think Peter Schiff is driven by fear. The fear that his business, which is gold, will be less interesting for investors in the coming years, because bitcoin becomes more and more the new gold.

    Danke für die tollen Videos. Schade, dass Du den deutschen Kanal dicht gemacht hast. Mein Sohn hat täglich Deine Videos geschaut. Leider kann er kein Englisch. Mach weiter so.

  5. Schiff is old centralised world, crypto is decentralised so think for your self and dont follow others, think decentralised, all news is fake and based on the centralised past. crypto has no idols, learn to be your own idol.

  6. The next major economic crash will be in about a year from now, maybe even as late as October 2020. The U.S. government and U.S. banks all hate President Trump so much that they will crash all the markets in the run up to the next election. They will short everything before dumping to make a better profit too. All just to make the president look bad.

  7. Peter Schiff is a gold trader who is worried that his market will flee to Bitcoin. Once you think about it, he should be, especially when it becomes worth ten to a hundred times an ounce of gold. I started taking Bitcoin seriously the moment it passed the value of an ounce of gold. Great video.

  8. I doubt BTC will go as far down as $9,000 againtoo much interest in it now. Having said that Its possible the new BTC futures players could drive the price down artificially by getting behind a minor pullback and riding it out of all proportion. I saw this happen to the copper price back in the 1980ssuch behavior saw the price race further than it should have gone and in the end the authorities were telling them to lay off as they were threatening to damage the industry!My only advice for investors and newbIes is to take advantage of Mr Rupica’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.7btc to 9btc in just 3wks. You can reach him on rupicapuri05@gmail. com or Telegram @rupicapuri.Whatsapp +1 919-391-8034

  9. It hasn't even started yet. Sheesh. And that Peter Schiff is either an idiot (almost certainly not) or uninformed (almost certainly not) or interested in investing in Bitcoin at lower prices (almost certainly yes).

  10. How can it be considered a safe haven asset AND expected to move counter to stocks and with Gold when the market cap is only 200b? When most of those who have funds invested in gold and stocks are not even in BTC, how can they flee to BTC in times of uncertainty? Honest question to consider.

  11. in former times i liked P. Schiff because of his attitutde towards gold. Schiff doesnt like and does not want to acknowledge Bitcoin as being a potential serious competition over time, especially in view to his clients being invested in metals. Guess they aks him questions too about BTC. This is way he is now in public getting into this controversary discussion Gold vs Bitcoin!


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