1. I personally think this is amazing. I’ve been interested in all cryptos for years and news ones keep emerging. I love a few new ones that have great potential. First would be NRG Energi. I think will fair very well. And others. Some stable coins that seem promising for traders. Just tons of new things. NRG though is on top of my list. One amazing piece of new technology. Very excited about it.

  2. Not only a great video, but shows the benefit of Energi. Energi is the best opportunity out there right now. The word is getting out, Energim3.0 and the treasury with be game changer.

  3. More and more people are talking about NRGThat’s great ! This visionary project is starting to take off and when you read the whitepaper, you understand why! Just watch the community grow to understand that it is no longer an outsider, but a promise for the future. Don’t miss the train ! Their staking system is just the most effective I know.

  4. Awesome review of Energi! All the main points covered, the future looks very exciting with their 0-fee exchange Energi X and their stable coin! Waiting for this gem to upgrade to 3.0 and reach the top 10. I can’t wait.

  5. Another great video review about Energi. Kudos to the whole Energi team. A lot of people now learn and know more about energi and will continue to rise on the top. Great team with awesome community. Energi is the best!!!

  6. Energi is making giant steps towards the top. Big potential lies in Energi 3.0, Treasury, Energi Gold (stable coin) and Energi eXchange. I’m staking this coin for a few months now and I’m delighted with rewards. The future is almost here.

  7. Great, deep review, I’m happy, very well explained how the economics of NRG works. Treasury cycles, the highest ROI in crypto market, amazing community.. All this convinces me that this project has a great future, I,am glad that I had the opportunity to invest in NRG and stake it in ENERGI core wallet.

  8. I’ve been following Energi for the past 6 months and it’s great to see the smart use of the treasury’s funds really coming together to market this coin so well, which I believe drove the coin into the top 100 and is the reason for its recent gains. If you’re new to Energi, be sure to drop into their Discord server where you can receive free NRG from their rain channel!

    • If you don’t get some, you will be SO angry at yourself in 6 months. Instead, get some NRG and be happy that you are making real money every single day. If you can afford at least 100 NRG, stake it in your wallet, if you can only buy less than 100, stake it on the discord server because it pays better for smaller amounts. Also, you will be able to sign up for round 4 of the earndrop sometime in the near future, and that is 100 NRG for free, which is extremely generous and everyone should take part in the earndrop.

  9. Randall, I think you are using you Fib backwardssame indication with opposite numbers. We went back up to the 0.618 level (61.8% back to the top)

  10. Great video. Love me some nrg. This crypto is up and coming. To all who haven’t bought any, buy now or forever hold your peace!!!

  11. Monarch wallet is literally trash and stole my funds. I’ve never lost funds any place so it wasnt my neglect. Stop promoting trash

  12. The most important target as far as I am concerned is getting a new all time high, that’s when the mainstream media will start to get involved again


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