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  1. I know not many females are into Crypto but I'm one of them. I just wanted to say I really like how Chris say GUYS.
    Saying Guys as the video plays makes me feel like I truly fit in with the rest of you Men.
    Thank you Chris for making me feel welcome.

  2. What happened to all your followers looking for a massive LTC Halving Hype PUMP? They got 14% on day of halving, gave it all back and even 2% lower only 2 days later. Clearly the halving was priced in!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Chris, i need your help, i just cannot understand how the stop loss works on coinbase pro, it seems like that it does not sell automaticly when is reached, i wrote to the coinbase supprt and this is the answer (Please note that once the stop price is reached (or surpassed), the stop order will automatically post a limit order to the order book.

    The limit order would then only execute upon reaching the limit price.) so for waht there is a stop loss? can you please answer to me at GSNTGAB@YAHOO.COM, thanks Gabriel

  4. My guess is 1000 people own half of *Bitcoin*. And the gov or wall street another 25% They try to turn it into an investment instead of a currency replacement. So, 25% of it and growing is used for drug commerce. And luckily now that it can be linked to a visa everyone can spend it and it's more intriguing than gold silver or dollars etc. Should it pass 20k during the winter. It's the safest currency as the last coins are mined or the user base increases it'll be 60k and 5 years out hundreds of thousands of dollars. The fluctuations aren't important just the bitcoin bigshots trying to control it and push a button and have it go up or come down. It can go to a dollar it'll eventually surpass it's all time high. The investment isn't in the current prices it's in the concept, I lost 3BTC when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about Mr. Douglas Murray contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 11BTC in less than 4 months from his trading He is so competent, honest, consistent and very experienced, reach on *Email/hangout Douglastrading10@gmail. or via WhatsApp: +1(772)202-0759

  5. .Great video. Even when bitcoin is not moving, You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin .For me,I knew the price will run up more, then bleed off and go lower than current lowsThen as it goes higher, Its more like a time pattern , so i am sure that bitcoin will rise, for now all we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we dont feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *4BTC to 15BTC in two months, i So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 6 Btc in 1 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *or via WhatsApp: +1(772)202-0759or via telegram: +1(661)372-0157 and thank me later

  6. I was extremely excited to see this title of video as it is exactly my same concern, but I wish you could have shared just a general theory on how you decide your stop lossesnot as trading advice I know, just your own stylelike do you place right below next support levels like the next in line ema? Or do you go off of recent past areas of confluence? One can learn all day long about stop placement in the traditional markets but the crypto space has nothing for suggesting best practices


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