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  1. The thing nobody adresses: who is gonna pay $90.000 for 1 bitcoin when you know it’s volatile as hell?
    I own 5 btc so i’ll be happy but i just don’t see how anybody in his right mind is gonna pay that? Anyone?
    Answer me if you have a decent answer pleasei love btc and i’d love to know.

  2. It took one Asian guy that spends $100mil to activate all the hopium and clickbait titles again.
    Even a good friend of mine who just got in and after a week traded all his btc for nipples is talking about the 4 year cycle and how he is going to be a multi millionair. The facepalm is stong in this. HONK HONK

  3. Plausible. If that happens I see BCHABC (post may halvening) and possibly hitting 1 million dollars as it will gain on BTC (for every 50% BTC makes on USD, BCHABC makes a 100% move on BTC). Check the charts if you don't believe me.

  4. I really do hope you're making these videos with all sense of responsibility. Remember, a lot of your watchers are not as market savvy as you are. Please don't sell people dreams. That said, thank you for the work you do.


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