1. Sir, please talk to Beadle and make Monarche wallet accessible in India toogood work there….thank you 👍

  2. You’re so immature. What are you, 14?? Had to get that off my chest….By the way man you’re the best! Damn it. That rhymed. Must be true. Haha love ya dudethanks!

    • jesus hibiscus christ! thats brutal. what was the amount? can you follow the transactions on etherscan and see where your coins are?

    • elliot etherscan shows that it went through on two of the transactions and the other transaction couldn’t be found two transactions showed up in the wallet and days later they disappeared cant get in touch with support for some reason.

    • @Willie Beeman Willie Beeman dude my heart goes out to you. i thought you were being ironic when i read your message the first time. i actually laughed out loud. did you spam this dweeb for a response yet? i will spam every video he has with you if you want until he gives you a proper reply. did you ever tell him what happened? and did he ever reply? fill me in dude i want all the info. ps what city are you in? im in ireland kildare but im originally from kerry in ireland home of the old Gods. i will help you get this tool to stop shilling a fucked up product if you want.

  3. doesn’t the future of ‘real moneyusage belong to the coin/company/network that can handle world wide usage/transaction volume?

  4. Dude you are crazy!!! AWASOME but I have to admit it all the info you give it’s actually very educational. Keep it up..

  5. please dont compare chainlink pump with siacoin pump during the insane 2017 bullrun, thats just ignorant and misleading!


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