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FLOInfrastructure for tZERONo ICO, No Pre-mine, 6+ Years Old

FLO cryptocurrency is used as the infrastructure for tZERO. Formerly known as Florincoin, FLO has been around for over 6 years and is like bitcoin with metadata. Because of this additional metadata, lots of projects use FLO, like Medici Land Governance, Open Index Protocol and Caltech ETDB. In this video, I interview FLO Core Developer […]

TixlPrivate. Instant. Zero-fees.

Tixl is a new privacy coin with Ivan on Tech as an angel investor. The Tixl cryptocurrency focuses on 3 things, to be private, instant and zero-fees. In this video, I interview managing director Sebastian Gronewold, and ask him many questions about Tixl, privacy, DAGs, anonymity and more. Join usTixl – протокол HTTPS:// Monarch Wallet: […]

How Goldman Sachs F*cked Us… and Why I’m Still Optimistic!

Goldman Sachs called a Bitcoin Breakout two days ago and since then Bitcoin has been dumping in price! In this video, I will explain how and why Goldman Sachs manipulated the market to f*ck us and in the end I will show you why I am still optimistic for bitcoin price prediction despite all of […]

Is THIS Good for Bitcoin???

Taking a look at bitcoin price today, there is a little know bitcoin technical analysis indicator that I found that could be a good sign for BTC price. What is it and what exactly does it mean? Well, join me for the episode to find outalso Goldman Sachs says its a good time to […]

Bitcoin Dead by 2021 – MUST WATCH!!!

Bitcoin will be dead by 2021. In this video, I go through indisputable proof whybitcoinas we know it will be dead by 2021. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. Also at the end of this video I show you how you can win 1 of 2 Bitmain Antminer S9’s for free. Join us… […]


Bitcoin is following a classic double bottom setup and is posed for gains to $15,000! After passing the confirmation line a couple days ago, bitcoin price has dropped today but there is a 97% chance that it will turn around and head for an average of 40% gains. Join usMonarch Wallet: протокол HTTPS:// Signal Profits: […]


Bitcoin price is on the verge of a breakout this weekend. After the double bottom setup last weekend, Bitcoin price has consolidated around $11,800. Will bitcoin price skyrocket to $15,000 or will it drop? In this video, I share with you my bitcoin price prediction as well as some other possibilities for bitcoin price. Join […]

Bitcoin to $10,800?!? Why BTC Price Will Likely Drop Before Going to $15,000

Bitcoin price has displayed a perfect true double bottom setup and passed the confirmation line 3 days ago. With all true double bottoms, there is a 2/3 chance that the price will drop before it goes up to the expected average 40% gains ($15,000). In this video, I will take a look at the 3 […]

Could $1,454 of XRP Make You A MillionaireRealistically?

Could just over $1,400 of Ripple possibly make you a millionaire by September 2020? That’s right #xrparmy , in just 1 years time, you could be a millionaire by purchasing $1,454 of XRP today? In this video, I will take a look at #XRP price and extrapolate if a $220 #Ripple is possible by 2020, […]

Get $110 FREE on Bybit ExchangeBitcoin Margin Trading Tutorial

For the next week, you can get $110 for free on Bybit exchange to try out margin trading (aka trading bitcoin with leverage). In this video, I explain how you can get this $110 bonus, and also show you real quickly how to trade bitcoin on leverage. DISCLAIMERMargin Trading is extremely risky and […]