1. Сохраняйте большую часть своих инвестиций только в биткойнах! В этом году все альткойны упадут до дна! Здесь будут только Биткойн, Ethereum и токен Gragram

  2. Yo Crypto Loveyour videos rock! I was saying to my friend just yesterday that I thought the institutional investors were learning to play whale! On a side note, today’s Monarch Wallet BTC rate is down to 4.85%, not the 6.1 you mentioned in the video. I love the product, and I got in when BTC interest was 6.1% but this is the second drop. while freakinstable coins are at 8.1%!!! Is this a lack of confidence in Bitcoin that could send it down to

  3. I have a thought what is bitcoin is a trap for the wealthy wait for them to spend all there money in then close the loop on them so its a rich to rich coin an we the people start a new bitcoin??

  4. One of the best videos you’ve delivered, thanks for the info! You should consider to do more of your videos outdoor! 🙂 And come visit the Sacred Valley, enjoy nature combined with crypto! hahaha. Peace

  5. if institutions get too much, isn’t there a break point at which they would own ‘too muchand break the markets value?

  6. Every market has manipulation
    Different markets have different levels
    You just have to be smarter to beat it
    Clearly buying Bitcoin below $10k now will make u money later
    How do u like Amsterdam?


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