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Comment (37)

  1. Greyscale…let me explain: they offer all of these Trusts but they sell their products through large institutions such as fidelity and schwab etc. I have a schwab 401k and the only greyscale trusts available are gbtc and getc (ethereum classic). It doesn't suprise me at all the imbalance.

  2. What's up again my fellow early adopters👋👋👋🚀🚀🚀…..Right back @ u TMI 👋👋

    Whole foods??
    All these retailers are making me laugh with their silly attempts to get their hands on the valuable crypto of many foolish Millenials..

    Personally I'd wait for more MASS adoption…and less….much less volatility.

    I mean just think, how stupid would you feel if you know you spent $84 for a cup of joe 4 years ago?

    Or $970 for a pair of socks from Nordstrom??

    Ill be interested when Lamborghini sells models for 0.5 BTC a pop thank you!☝

  3. Hey guys, im relatively new to bitcoin and crypto currency. Ive been reading about Ethereum mining so Im wondering if you guys have any thoughts/have experience with it and if it still worth it. I am planning to use a laptop with an expensive as gaming graphics card. Your input would be really appreciated it.

  4. The overwhelming majority of invested money in Grayscale is in the Bitcoin trust, that's why I'm just accumulating Bitcoin, this thing is going to hit 100k faster than people think.

  5. I hope people realize when they buy a muffin at Whole Foods with Bitcoin, that purchase is subject to capital gains tax. Last time I checked trading cryptocurrencies is the same as trading property in terms of taxable events.

  6. TMI, thank you for your constant news over the past couple of years. I began investing in late 2017 when crypto was going crazy. Your videos have helped me see the potential of crypto and hopefully placing myself in a position for a secure financial future.

  7. TMI, IDK if you read these comments, but your videos are pretty much the most info in the shortest time and most accurate predictions I come across on Youtube. Thanks for all you do.

  8. It is called Ulta Beauty. It is where a man goes to buy a woman makeup when either she is pissed at him or he can't afford jewelry. It is probably the largest beauty supply store in the US.

  9. TMI is the best hands down. If you are reading the comments then give the video a likey likey. Thanks for all your hard work and unbiased insight every single day through shit times and now times. 👍


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