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Comment (35)

  1. i`m looking back at this cus sunny gives a very good info. BTC is $8000ish at the mo WTF. it is volatile you can trade safely and teach your self how to.

  2. The volume is very high..not as high as the rally in early April but higher than average since this pump started Friday. As a new cryptocurrency spéculater starting in 2018, we have not seen consecutive days of huge volume like this since I entered the market last year. Even the order books are differently numbered. On a scale of 1 to 10, i am an 11. MEGA Bull

  3. not sure if you are aware but Ebay has something called Ebay Bucks, you accumulate them for 3 months and than get a voucher that gives you some money back, you get those ebay bucks when you sign up for it and than every purchase you make gives you around 6-10% in ebay bucks. max is $100 which would be a $1000 purchase at 10% whenever they have that promotion.

  4. Great video! Thats right: You have to be fundamentally confirmed of bitcoin. Instead a lot of people are only interessted in short term gains (thats a bit stupid…).

    Greetings from Germany!

  5. I really love your channel, been here since a few days before the pump to 5k. You're the only youtuber I know of that legitimately knows what he's doing.
    I'll still see this channel go above 1M subs… maybe by the ending of this bull run? Or halfway through it, I'm sure you'll call a massive correction when we're near it and people will hate on you.


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