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  1. Related to that trade you recorded day before. Idea was right but you got emotional and entered a trade to soon. You should probably wait for breakout to confirm it. Wait for a close above resistance or if you like to be more agressive than set buy stop order so it auto execute a market buy above that resistance. Keep your risk under control and you will be fine no matter what happens.

  2. there is an project that is still under the radar, and that is skycoin! it will also fly during the next bullrun. their own hardware wallet will be released soon. they are also the first! do some research! I look forward to seeing your answer in one of your next videos!

  3. Petitioning for a coin burn is absurd. Crypto Vassal should have done his own research on XRP before investing. It only takes like 5 minutes to realize that there is a vast quantity of XRP, ripple labs and insiders own most of it, and their main product can run without XRP at all, but the most glaring problem is, the total FEE market for intrabank transfers is actually not that big (!!) The entire use case of XRP is hella weak, there is NO END USER USE FOR THIS COIN. Also, the XRP youtubers somehow think it can go to $10,000, but really, these people need to not take so many hits on the hopium crackpipe, because at that price, XRP's market cap would be bigger than the entire world's economy (!!) Just how valuable do these people think intrabank transfers even are ? Its like if Satoshi Nakimo was an operating corporation, had 11 million Bitcoins, and was selling 50,000 every month to pay operating expenses. Of course its not going to go up. Ripple labs is a crypto farm, and bag holders are the cattle, and then they are surprised that there is a monthly slaughter…

  4. First the cconfidence in BTC is restored after that the altcoins will be hot again. It is just a matter of time concerning acceptance there will be allot of rich people that will look at other coins because they missed BTC at 3 k

  5. Perhaps BTC dominance (which was at 50% several months ago) finally peaked at 70%. Let's see what happens in the coming weeks. While I agree BTC should be a core holding in a crypto portfolio, bitcoin's slow transaction times, congested network and high transaction fees for smaller transactions are a legit criticism. Yes, bitcoin has a first-mover advantage and the greatest name recognition. But the U.S. Postal service existed long before FedEx and UPS while Waldenbooks existed long before Amazon.com and America Online existed several years before Google was launched. Speed and cost do matter.

  6. burn coins bwahahah that is funny @sunny decree. Same chit as binance they say they burn coins lol can you tell me or show me a video on how to burn tokens lol when its created one time lol

  7. You have been **** up. Decentralized what? Power grids and plants are centralized and can be switched off in the blink of an eye. A coin which requires a lot of electricity will never and ever and ever ever ever be decentralized. These people are just pumping their bags, stop listening them.

  8. I think it’s dumb to assume that altcoins will never get their time of day. That’s like saying that with the internet boom, Google was the only one to be around and every other big company websites will be dead and never gain in shares.

  9. I just have to share this, and I don’t know where. I’ve always had bad luck when trading between coins. I held about 600 NEO and had a feeling DASH was gonna have a little pump, I don’t know why just had the feeling (literally a few hours ago) I sold all my NEO for DASH, and literally, not even joking. 10 seconds after I did the trade. DASH pumped by $5!

    I couldn’t believe my luck 😂

    Thanks for coming.

  10. If we want to go fast forward we need adoption by small decentralised companies, only slaves believe in the multinationals, so if you have a small company, start to accept payments in btc. Stop watching the supply side, create demand. Thats the only way up.

  11. I would say that burning xrp at this point might help the price now, but if you are in this for the long term, if xrp becomes the liquidity solution for the replacement of SWIFT, then it might be worth having the 100b for the furture, question is…are you more interested in a quick increase in the price of xrp, or…is the future of xrp so big that all 100b will be needed in the next ten years?

  12. In regards to Alts… The entire marketcap for crypto is only $300 billion… which is equivalent to 1 of the top stocks in the US out of 3000. These Alts will pop like you won't believe, especially they produce something of value… examples would be Decentralized Finance with Ethereum, security tokens on Tezos and Zilliqa, mass adoption of the Brave Browser and it's Bat token, internet of value computers such as EOS and Tron with decentralized gaming and gambling apps… All those things are a void that Bitcoin does not fill.

    Bitcoin is the ultimate store of value… But will never be a major payment system because of its public ledger. Currently, Bitcoin is not private. No one in their right mind is going to pay there medical bills with Bitcoin and have a public record that can never be removed, no corporation is going to give away their trade secrets by using Bitcoin to pay for goods and services that their competitors can track on its public blockchain.

  13. There's really no reason for Alts to pump. If you haven't accepted BTC is the only valuable crypto then you're getting left behind. Maybe if ETH puts a cap it might go up… But BTC has already left the station.


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