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  1. Bitcoin is soaring and, according to Coinbase, their customers who are in the top 10% of Bitcoin have been selling. Unless I'm not very swell at all of this (a very distinct possibility), that would mean that far more people were buying BTC while the wealthiest traders are selling, correct?
    If this is correct, I would predict we should see another massive dip soon. I believe it is safe to assume that the average person who holds a large amount of BTC probably knows what they are doing.
    If it turns out that I am correct, I'm going to attempt an experiment. I'm going to record that top-holders buy/sell ratio and then compare that with Bitcoin's performance over the following days. Let's see what happens, i have made 9Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 2.1Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like Rupica Puri to make an impact in other less seasoned traders. Rupica can be contacted by Mail: “Trade.rupicapuri@ gmail. com” to find out more about how you can start trading.

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  3. Last week, the price of Bitcoin closed the week well below $ 10,000, however, the current price of the crypto asset is now well above it at approximately $ 10,600. The bears could not push the price of Bitcoin back to new monthly lows. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of the Alfred Churchill program, a professional who is helping investors accumulate more commercial bitcoin strategy, with a program that goes from 5btc to 12btc in just 3 weeks. Feel free to contact Mr. Alfred Churchill at (, Telegram @ tradecrypto76 Whatsapp + 1 559 425 4010 or email (alfredchurchill02 @ gmail com) for commercial information and thank me later ✌️✌️

  4. Chris, great content as usual. Always love your perspective. A couple of things I thought I would mention. 1) Could you incorporate a review of the BTC pairings in your alt analysis. I seldom, if ever, look at the USD / USDT pairings anymore because I’m only concerned about increasing BTC holdings. Would appreciate your perspective on this. 2) Respectfully, I would argue that from a purely technical perspective the BTC pattern is a symmetrical triangle and not a descending triangle. You have multiple touches on the bottom trend line to technically form a symmetrical triangle but not IMO a descending one as yet. BTC will need another touch at around $9060 to technically form a descending triangle. I realize that you’re using candle body closes and the daily where I’m using wicks on a weekly (log) chart but I still finding it difficult to technically call it a descending triangle yet. Just my two cents.


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