Bitcoin Market Sell Off, Reaccumulation Phase, Coinbase Expansion & World Economy Turmoil

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Comment (37)

  1. This space is full of immature kids . Everyone follow influencers that have no idea what they are talking about .
    A lot of people should lose a lot of money so they can’t invest anymore only then the markets will mature .

  2. TMI family and friends finally decided to invest 7 US Dollars and 17 cents in crypto. This made me VERY,very, VERY SAD! Dude, get out of these relationships! (That's $7.17 more than my loved ones but still)

  3. People tend to mimic what others go in several aspects our society. There's a sheep mentality with fashion, status symbols, career expectations and with investments.

    Neither good nor bad, depending on the advice you seek.

    In the words of Alessio Rastani (and others before him), we want information for the classes not the masses.

    This is why we're here listening to TMI and other crypto commentators 👍

  4. Random pro tip: DO NOT invest on behalf of family members. You're just asking for a horrible legal battle down the road. I invested some money for my aunt into Ethereum, and I never sold during the 2018 collapse, and she assumed that I had lost her money because the value of the investment crashed so hard. Now I'm paying several grand in legal fees just to fight against her ignorance and protect myself. FUCK extended family and fuck friends. Just worry about your immediate family and yourself.

  5. i confirm mother in law came from china. and the country is actually trying to get their own centralized stable coin there. lots of coins are accepted already there. she told things changed a lot in the last year

  6. I don't really even consider it a drop worth talking about. I was actually expecting it NOT to drop as everyone was talking about it. But we are up massively from the lows and things need to cool off for a while at some point. I sold off a fraction (hurts every time….) to pay some bills. I recommend selling some of your alts into BTC on alt coin pumps.

  7. You are so right about the people on YouTube. There are so many coming out of the woodwork now that prices are up. Of course 90 percent have a mushroom cloud thumbnail. Lol!

  8. Repeat after me: Fiat is not stable. As long as there is inflation, the value of fiat currency will ALWAYS be going down over time. Give me a gold backed token, please!!


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