Bitcoin Moving Higher, Bitcoin Future Price, IOTA Trinity, China On Bitcoin & Sooner Than We Think

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Comment (49)

  1. the old IOTA wallet was horrible… lost 2017 some funds but get it back in early 2018. However i love the trinity: you get guided through every single step so you can make no mistakes. Since the trinity wallet (beta) was out, i had no problembs with recieving and sending funds. Had about 10 transaktions with the new alpha version and no problems at all. the transaktiontime was about 5- 20 min; after coordicide hopefully in less tha a minute 🙂

  2. Everyone thinks it's going up now, but people are trying to push it down to get more before it does. I like dollar cost averaging for this reason and buying the dips baby!

  3. TMI can you update us on a next video, if Bitcoin hits all time highs, do you still Hold, or diversify into other assets like Gold, pls give us an update what we can do ,Love your show

  4. IOTA has been a disaster from launch: lost coins, no broadcast or host consistently working, new chain introduced with new keys that did not match old wallets, the list goes on. My coins were lost for a year. After Trinity came out, I was able to recover (and unload) them. Never again.

  5. Bitcoin is literally a pyramid scheme. Its value is dependent on getting more people to feed money into it, and the only people who actually pull a profit will be the ones who pull out before it crashes. Why are people pretending this is a legitimate investment?

  6. What's to know about IOTA? They may now have the first and only solution to the DLT trilemma is all… Scalability, check. Decentralization, check. Security, check. Oh, and it offers free transfers, and the network gets faster as more people use it, and it can do more than smart contracts with it's Oracles. But all them other blockchain projects are so much better, right?

  7. Use at your own risk, I lost my iota tokens my recovery seed did not restore my IOTA from a previous version of the Trinity wallet.This was the response that I received when I reached out to IOTA 👉🏿. IOTA is a decentralized, permissionless, free and open cryptocurrency. In other words, "you are your own bank". As a consequence, IOTA Foundation cannot provide user level support. While we'd love to help every single early adopter, it would simply exceed our resources.

  8. Has anyone thought that maybe bitcoin was created by the US Govt? We have the world's reserve currency right now, but if the fiat system begins to fail,and bitcoin gains more adoption as people flock to bitcoin during hyperbitcoinization, this would make the US govt (Satoshi Nakamoto) the largest BTC holder! I think the estimate is that Satoshi has 1 million in wallets that haven't ever been touched since they were mined. This would ensure the US dominance of the new Bitcoin international money standard for decades to come! This idea is pretty far out there but it came to my mind and I wouldn't put it past the powers that be to do anything to hold on to that power.

  9. I lost 5 IOTA token when I Initially downloaded the wallet, thank God I didnt send the whole lot, I emailed MiOTA tech team and they were "ahhh thats too bad." Beware

  10. China may hate crypto but they understand the potential of the market and you can't ever manipulate the market is you're never in the market. China's intent is control, like everything else they do.

  11. Why would anyone be surprised that bitcoin dominance is increasing while its on its way to its next high? IMO it’s almost certain that altcoins will start pumping when bitcoin crosses the 20,000 mark, because people will start cashing out big time.

  12. I have tried to get my iota out of my trinity wallet using Ledger for about a month now but i get a “transfer error, try again later” something every time. I have about 450 dollars there, but now i have just given up. Not possible to contact iota, only has community website, and I’m quite new to crypto and doesn’t understand the “tech language” so I guess the money is just lost.

  13. Great stuff as always brother! Man yeah ready to move 25% of my xrp into btc. Still strong believer in xrp but might just spread my holdings. In eth,Ada, and btc

  14. Would you sell your OMG to get your 0.1 btc now or hold it for potentially more btc in the future? Not sure if I should just secure my 0.1 btc now or wait for omg to rise. I dont want to be 100% in btc but I also want my 0.1 minimum as fast as possible. But I like the idea of at least having one solid alt position to potentially gain more than 0.1 in profit later on. The mind fuckery is real. I like OMG chances of $100+. Id be shocked if it was one that disappeared. Not asking for financial advice, just want to hear others opinions.


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