Bitcoin Price still Parabolic! New ATH's soon!?

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Comment (38)

  1. Tether is a huge scam.. this might be just a huge theter pump and dump.. I hope we go past 20k so we can crash and get it done with it.. be it back to 14k, 12, 10k 1k does not matter.. that will be the bottom.. however needs to be from over 20k now..

  2. Crash will come on August 6th. Whales including Winkelvoss Bros. are going to drop a couple hundred million for a controlled crash. It should drop to 6K for 1-2 weeks before going up again. You have to understand, crypto whales make HUGE money by using the cycles and NEVER hodling everything. They diversify their risk and regularly dump 10% to 20% on bull rises to set aside fiat profits and they have the resources to do so. You can screencap this and remind me on a later date.

  3. Thanks to this great hacker…. +19728840730 he really surprised me… I appreciate sir… He just funded my coinbase wallet with 17btc without stress and complain.. Chat him up for yours

  4. Everyday ,some people put there money in the bank to earn over 0.001% for a year, aside bank charges which is still very funny to me because 2017 bitcoin was worth about $200 and to today its worth more than $11,000 !!!. we all know how far its able to go; THE MOON!! imagine if you kept your money in a bitcoin wallet alone with no mining you probably would have multiplied your investment 100 times.but its not late for that because its just starting to boom up. Mr crow helps me invest my BTC in mining with his amazing software.he made me about $15,000 my first week..which has brought a very big change in my life; his email cryptocrow800( at) gmail. com

  5. Maybe the reason why the ALTS appear to be in such a poor situation on this analysis is because they are being compared against BTC. Of course ALTS will look bad in such comparison because BTC goes up faster and earlier than ALTS. But when you compare ALTS to USD (in the same way you are comparing BTC to USD) then ALTS don't look as bad. I just think it would be fair to compare apples to apples ie BTC to USD and ALTS to USD. This is my humble, constructive opinion by the way. I've been following for over a year now and I respect your work. Cheers!

  6. LTC still did better.

    Hell… even BSV did better than BTC so far.
    You only look back at time-frames that shows you what you want to see. "Your biggest bag doing better than all others." 🙂

    I honestly don't understand your hate towards all the ALTS. Other than being upset you missed some opportunities once again here and there, perhaps.
    But sure… put all/most of your eggs in one basket and keep screaming all other coins / projects are performing terrible. Maybe it will work out great, maybe it will not.
    (for the record : My portfolio is 50% BTC – at low 3k.)


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