Bitcoin ‘s True Market Dominance – Revealed


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  1. a question about this big green volume and then bigger red volume candle. How much of such a candle is buying and selling? I mean, a big green volume candle is not 100% buying and 0% selling, or do I miss something?

  2. Super important perspective adjustment. However the Medium "True Dominance" trend chart starts in April 2018. So the "trend" only takes into consideration the market of the past 12 months or so. Basically he takes the recent bear market and says "hey, this is the entire history of crypto!"

    Check out dominance trends in 2017. You will see alts flounder from July-October while Bitcoin exploded. If you followed that "trend" of course you missed the entire altcoin run-up and pop in November/December/January.

  3. I was a bit depressed getting into office on a wet Tuesday…. now I'm in the office watching AK47 Monkey and willy plane oogling musk…. 98.16% BTC profitability. Still depressed but thanks for the memes.

  4. The real challenge for us Cam is keeping up with swings. As soon as we post, it changes. Hence I love your consistent insight in an inconsistent market. Go Crypto! Go memes! Go Crypto Daily!

  5. Great Video as always ! I do not see the market landscape changing just yet , anticipating a repeat of the previous Bull cycle and Alts (top 50) will out perform BTC by end of the Bullrun . crossing fingers !!

  6. great stufff… BTW, you DO realize that a red volume bar just means that the OVERALL volume was against a red candle. It doesn't mean that a large volume of sellers came in. i think.

  7. Good stuff as usual, Daily!
    I think BTC needs to come back below 10k and make a new, higher low from which the market can bounce. I think, from a psychological perspective, it would be very positive for the price to hover between the .5 and .618 fib levels (from the ATH) for an extended period of time, like 6 -12 weeks, then start doing a long, slow trend reversal back down to around the 6.4k to 7.5k range. I think that length of time in the 5 digit territory will help to create a new perspective on the market value of BTC and will convince the market that getting back in at 7k is a complete no-brainer, discounted price. Now, that’s all speculation, but as things stand right now, don’t you already see a 6-7k bitcoin as a really good deal? Wouldn’t you feel much less afraid to buy at those prices this time around after having this monster rally? Aren’t you more confident in the market’s ability to recover, especially after seeing what an anticipated halving did for the price of LTC?
    I think you get my point.

  8. There should just be a Bitcoin dominance for the top 25 top 50 top 100
    I mean dominance charts factoring in coins past the top 100 are meaningless for the most part.

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