Bitcoin Vulnerability Uncovered, Binance Launches 2 Futures Platforms, Launches Exchange

The State Of Crypto – News Episode 32 – Bitcoin Vulnerability Uncovered, Binance Launches 2 Futures Platforms, Launches Exchange – 9/2/2019

Hi Guys if you would like to read the articles we have covered, the links are below:

Boxer and Senator Manny Pacquiao Finally Launches His Coin –’s Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Now Live –
Bitcoin Warning As Serious Security Vulnerabilities Uncovered –
PayPal Caught Overcharging Clients; Is Bitcoin Ready to Take Over? –
Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum community should push for gas limit to increase with Istanbul –
Ripple CEO feeling the wrath of stakeholders over XRP dumping on market –
PNC Boosts Ripple as Exchange Goes Live, HEDG, Sep. 2 –
Binance Launches $216,000 Futures Trading Contest on Testnet Platforms –
Binance acquire JEX – Who are a derivatives trading specialist –

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