Trend REVERSAL In the Bitcoin Markets? 馃槺

Trend REVERSAL In the Bitcoin Markets? 馃槺


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. I want to see so called "BTCmaximalists" running to toilet seeing Tron or XRP up 30-50% in a day while their "generation 1" blockchain BTC is up 1%. They are in it for the money so they are not true BTC maximalists.

  2. Dude? post the music track please!! i like that 90's trance style
    And isn't it easier to control 1 Crypto with futures than ALL of them? That's why the entire crypto market need to move up together. If they choose to keep BTC down then some other Crypto will just go up insteadPump the entire market! They can't stop us all:)

  3. If I get 20'000 Subscribers, I will be buying random top 200 coinmarketcap shitcoins $20'000 worth. Hold it until bitcoin reaches $100'000 then Cashout and document the whole thing along the way!

  4. hashgraph will kick arse .. by your logic we would all be still be using vhs just because it was the established thing to use at that time .. things changes bubbles burst 鈥 How many times have you actually used your bitcoin for anything else but dreaming of getting rich ?

  5. Hey great info in the last 2 episodes..! Also love ur videos in general you are the crypto news artist! pregunta, where do you find the memes and backgrounds u use, r they free to use cr. Commons? 馃槂

  6. As a BTC holder the cost of producing one BTC is $5600 so unfortunately the true price of a BTC plus profit is $6000. BAKKT will probably drive the price to this level before an upsurge at the halving. Eventually shortage of BTC will send the price up. I hope I'm still alive then as I'm an old fart who's not getting any younger.

  7. About Hedera I would say you are comparing two different markets. The market (enterprises) that will flock to Hashgraph has been afraid of forking blockchains and the market for Bitcoin (hodlers) may want nothing to do with Hedera. Let the Game of Coins begin. (My money is obviously with the enterprise level, faster, more secure choice)

  8. I think technical superiority will make a difference long-term. But I have yet to really see technical superiority. Hashgraph sounds a lot like "tangles" (IOTA) and stuff like that which turned out to be crap.

  9. Mostly agree, but Nano being completely feeless, easy to implement, and literally the fastest, makes it ultimately more ideal as a payment coin than Bitcoin or Hedera. If cryptos are the future, there's no point to wait and pay fees when you don't have to.

  10. You need proof of work to solve the account creation problem and verify 1 agent isn't pretending to be half the network. Hashgraph has no way of verifying the same agent isn't pretending to be 1 million unique agents to define the consensus of the graph/network.

  11. I find it interesting that so many try to make a claim that any new technology can't be as good as Bitcoin and therefore Bitcoin still "rules". I'm a huge Bitcoin fan but there is so much negativity about other projects almost denouncing innovation. Isn't innovation what we want? That's how we got Bitcoin in the first place right? There is so much rubbishing other projects, but what's wrong with people giving it a go albeit most may fail. All these projects raise more awareness and are good for Bitcoin in my view. I want more and more projects, not less. It's almost like people don't want more innovation.

  12. I think it's good that bitcoin transaction isn't fast and is high in fees. Do you see yourself withdrawing gold easily? On the contrary, high speed transactions are very much needed in altcoins, because in the near future we will pay with alts for our daily expenses.

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