Why Bitcoin PUMPED to $4700 – More Gains Coming! | Bitcoin i moneda digital Notícies

Bitcoin PUMPED to $4700 but why? I’ll reveal why it happened.

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comentari (26)

  1. All it took was $ 100 million spread through Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp to uplift the capacity of entire financial industry from a total market cap of $ 145 billion to $ 166 billion (at the time of writing) in less than 24hours. Scary and awesome at the same time.

  2. (one) 100 million dollar order doesn't account for the 15 billion in market cap increase.. That's 15 BILLION!! The tide turned………. We are heading to $6,000 after we consolidate a bit. There is no doubt. it is going to happen and soon. If you snooze you will Loose. If you want to go bear, wait for $6,000Nothing for the bull to fight right here. The bear has run AWAY…. for now.

  3. Great Seeing you in your Bathrobe, George. You must have changed the 9 Volt on your Bitcoin Alarm! So I am hearing so many rumors on our long overdue Rally. I have heard everything from SEC approving EFT, Warren Buffett finally buying Bitcoin, a multi (5 thousand BTC Purchase across a number of exchanges). The most intriguing one to me is, after announcing Bitcoin as the 15th most attractive Crypto by the Chinese Government, they are in Buying and will continue to buy in the weeks and months ahead to lead the U.S. Any thoughts?

  4. The price action was a single buyer / entity (or maybe a few collaborating groups) who hit "market buy." That is it. No other reasons.
    Not the charts? Lol, look at Tone Vays' video from yesterday AM. He said, "I'm putting massive leverage for a pump to 5100 (which he called 60+ days ago) because it's happening soon."
    It's always the charts, man.
    There is a 90%+ chance that we, al menys, revisit 3600-3900 (if not lower).
    We can get excited if we CLOSE a WEEKLY candle over 5100. Then, perhaps, it would be appropriate to consider "bear market over, return to $6K+" Not until then. Be more cautious, George.

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