Cardano ADA Top Of The Market, Ethereum Funding, Binace Withdrawals & Bitcoin Price Spikes

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Comment (43)

  1. No one talks about negativity other than Charles. He shouldn’t worry about it. Every big Technology sees trolls… MS and Apple! It’s par for the course. The main thing is to not get wound up by it and focus on delivery

  2. You guys need to understand that this BITCOIN UPTREND is very different than the uptrend in 2017. Now we have the financial institutions and the general public investing in bitcoin and crypto. At this time if you trade bitcoin, do not expect bitcoin to follow your indicators, let's say from now on, bitcoin will do whatever it wants.

  3. Thank you for the video! You're the best crypto youtuber period. With no video yesterday I was at a complete loss on how to start my day. I just walked aimlessly around my house in a complete daze. Lol

  4. If there's one thing this bear market has taught me, it's to never FOMO in at the peak of rally.

    Prices have always always ALWAYS retraced back to test lows.

  5. It’s best to have someone you can trust with your money, I have been a victim of bad mangers and I am happy I found Mr Jim whom I can trust with my money I have received $6,700 with 1300 as start out capital on his portfolio management account (PMA) with great experience with his platform I will recommend him on YouTube. Get in touch with him on WhatsApp.


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