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This Bitcoin Price Prediction from December 19, 2014 is EXTREMELY BULLISH and almost 5 year later has been perfect at predicting bitcoin’s price. In this video, I will discuss Tuur Demeester’s 2014 Bitcoin Price Prediction in addition to price predictions from Anonymous on 4chan, Reddit’s Bitcoin Time Traveler, John McAfee, and will add my own ... Read more

JAPANESE CANDLESTICK CHARTING and Sedona Vortex Experiences with Radiant Creator’s Craig Simpson

Craig Simpson introduced me to Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques. He also is the host of the Radiant Creator’s Podcast which interviews inspiring people to inspire others. In this episode, Craig and I discuss cryptocurrency trading, the state of Bitcoin, Sedona vortexes and a few other interesting topics. Join usRadiant Creators – Japanese Candlestick ... Read more


The number of bitcoin addresses with greater than 1000 BTC has increased dramatically this year after a couple years of sideways movement. In this video, I am going to show you why this news will help bitcoin break out of the current sideways trend and also show you by exactly what date bitcoin will break ... Read more

DIGITAL NOMAD LIFESTYLE + How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2020

Working remotely as a digital nomad is a dream job for most people today. In this viewer requested video, I share what it has been like living as a digital nomad for the past 7 months, during which time I’ve traveled to Thailand, Bulgaria, Denmark, Netherlands, China, Singapore and Vietnam. I discuss the nomad lifestyle ... Read more

Why I'M VERY OPTIMISTIC About Bitcoin 😳

I’m very optimistic about bitcoin at the moment. There are a few reasons why I am so excited about bitcoin (besides it being undervalued). There are some months when bitcoin usually sees some massive gains plus there is the halvening which will be impacting prices. In this video, I will show you exactly how much. ... Read more

Celsius Network Dominates Galaxy Digital + DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in 6 YEARS!!!

Celsius Network has surpassed Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital with over $300 MILLION in assets under management. In this video, I interview Celsius CEO and VoIP inventor Alex Mashinsky. Join usCelsius Network – Monarch Wallet: Signal Profits: Unicorn Shirts: Telegram: SOCIAL MEDIAThese are my only accounts, beware of ... Read more

CAUTION ⚠️ Another Reason NOT to HODL Altcoins ⚠️

We all know by now that HODLing altcoins is a bad idea, but I just came up with one more reason in case you were still thinking about holding your cryptocurrencies for 5 years in the hope of becoming a millionairecheck it out! Monarch Wallet: Signal Profits: Unicorn Shirts: Telegram: ... Read more


Bitcoin is quickly approaching a CRITICAL level and if it can pass this level, BTC price will skyrocket!!! hefyd, Binance published some fake news yesterday. In this video, I will take a look at both of these issues. Join meMonarch Wallet: Signal Profits: Unicorn Shirts: Telegram: SOCIAL MEDIAThese ... Read more

Bitcoin Still at $8kWhen Breakout to $14,000? + HUGE Binance News!!!

Bitcoin has been sitting at $8k for over a week now. We know it has to break up or down. The two targets are $14,000 to the upside or $6,500 to the downside. Here’s what I’m looking at to determine where bitcoin is moving and when. Also some really good news from Binance! Monarch Wallet: ... Read more

TRADING SECRETS of the #1 Tap Trader on BXB Exchange 🤫

Tap trading is not new, but it’s new to cryptocurrency. On average you have an 8x higher chance of winning with BXB’s Tap Trading than traditional trading. Why? Because BXB doesn’t allow professional traders to prey on inexperienced traders. In this video, I interview Aaron Paul Reyes, one of BXB’s top tap traders, and he ... Read more