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  1. Governments should done away with FACEBOOK which is the cause of MANY problems. FACEBOOK has been given too much liberties and power and now its showing how powerful this social media platform has become.

    Trump must simply "delete" this whole FACEBOOK monster from society.

  2. In two years perhaps at launch time the central banks will be collapsing. The fiat currencies will end. If Libra is pegged to the fiats what will they have? BTC will be left standing will Libra be?

  3. People, you need to take this scrutiny seriously. This is no longer Buffett and Munger calling it rat poison. You’re talking about stark warnings from law makers on both sides of the aisle. This is the most pivotal point for crypto ever.

  4. Sheep that are ignorant to crypto will eat up Libra like rats eating rat poison. The 1%ers know better, buy the dip my crypto brothers and sisters, all this is a formality, a yawn compared to what's to come!

  5. Don’t believe anything you here from the Facebook spokesperson. The power players are in on this one just like they were before. Facebook is just a cover for the real power players. Remember “Jekyll Island” and the “Bilderberg members “.

  6. This is all coming at an interesting time while theres talks of raising the debt ceiling. And talks of the government running out of money in September. If we see another financial crisis, will regulators have no choice but to turn to an alternative form of currency

  7. I call this whole thing a bluff and an easy scare tactic as Facebook is an easy target. The itty bit at the end there TMI, should be at the forefront what of what is really going on. Yesterday Steven Mnuchin was only commenting on things that are *public*, not behind the scenes of what is really going on. TMI you corrupted me!

  8. To think the US government can't shut down bitcoin is misguided. The US government is ALLOWING bitcoin to exist and grow. You can't us something as a store of value if its illegal to use in your country. XRP FOR LIFE!!!!😝😝😝😝🤘🤘

  9. It wasn’t the hearing it, it was BitMex manipulation ..
    It’s going to be long ride on a up and down road towards 20,000.. if owners of exchanges and tether keep manipulating the Crypto market..
    I’m trying to leave corruption not see more, so disgusting..


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