Bitcoin holders get ready, a big move is about to happen. Altcoins stay steady and go down with Bitcoin. BTC dominance is still low. Let’s take a look at all the news from today.

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  1. Mining and trading on the new coins which has potential value to rise in no time in the future increases your chances of earning big gains and become rich with bitcoin. Well to go straight to the point without mincing words, the Pax tokens, Ripple, Dogecoin, , Siacoin, litecoin, buzzcoin, Verge and Antshares/Neo are what I am currently investing in, and I have already started gaining little profits from some of them already, for example when I invested in Verge, I started on very little and now I am at $11000, I also use a currency prediction mining tool that helps me as well, I will not divulge into that now. The secret I have learned in crypto coin investment is that. 1 what will raise the value of the coin? 2. Who stands behind the coin. 3, where and how can I realize profits. I run my investments with a strategy that guarantees high value of the coins I mentioned. If you would like to have in on what I am experiencing now. Contact expert for more info.Telegram or WhatsApp number: +1559 295 2596

  2. Marketcap calculation information: Read until you understand it. In the example shown in the linked medium article, only $23 million can increase the total Bitcoin marketcap of 1 billion dollars. Different factors play a role on what the outcome will be. If you don’t grasp this article, then read it until you do. Trust me, it will come in handy. Not trolling, just want you to understand. You’re a great YouTuber and this will only increase your knowledge and make you more credible.

  3. Diversity is 🔑! Being a maximalist all the time keeps you from getting the gains from crypto that you can convert to your favorite coin. It’s not always about the $$ but getting gains in the amount of coins you can hodl in your portfolio. When the 🚀 goes to the 🌙🥳

  4. I agree George we should be one big happy Crypto family so share some love guys, and remember we are all pioneers for investing in a technology not widely accepted by the rest of the world.

  5. Big price movements and Wall Street advice may be missing, but financial experts are strong in their belief that this cryptocurrency will perform well in the coming 5-year period. So, while the picture is evolving, it is clear that bitcoin investors have every reason to be optimistic about this cryptocurrency in the future. Mr. James's strategy and more will do so if we drop even lower. My guess is the bottom will be between 6.8- 7k Too much institutional investment occurring for the market not to recover soon. Feel free to contact Mr. James's for assistance, reach on *mail*( ) or telegram +1(720)5227058

  6. Cryptocurrency investment is currently one of the best investment practices anyone can engage in. But before you invest in cryptocurrency, always make sure you understand the concept behind it and the benefits you stand to gain. Many people missed the opportunity to hold more bitcoin at its early stage, and even in this 2019 when Bitcoin dropped down to $3200+ so many people didn't take advantage of buying to hold more. It's never late to buy now because if you miss buying now and expecting to buy in the coming year, you will surely be shocked at the price it will be then. As an investor I will outrightly say, hold more Bitcoin, because with that you will be among the major elite of the bitcoin industry. I bought into Bitcoin February 2019 with the advice of a pro trader(Desmond Sydney), and he equally helped me to trading with his accurate signals and also to hold more. Now I am holding some good amount of bitcoin which I never thought I would get. If you are an early adopter or a new investor and you are looking for a way on how to trade and hold more bitcoin, I advice you you to contact him via whatsapp/ telegram On +447723506502 for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.

  7. 8:24 How can bitcoin be treated as a safe haven being so volatile? Gold and silver are safe havens. Neither gold nor silver drop 500 points in the course of 30 minutes. Because they are real money. Bitcoin is a speculative, mercurial x factor, and I'm starting to wonder if it will ever do any of the things that the cheerleaders constantly claim on YouTube. Some chide places like McDonalds for not accepting Bitcoin. I don't know about you, but I don't want to pay $5 for a Big Mac one minute and then $15 the 45 minutes lateror even .25c later regardless of how much I've profited or loss between those transactions.

    Bitcoin is a fun gamble in the meantime but I'm starting to wonder.


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