Fidelity Bitcoin Yield Fund, Facebook Libra In India, Swiss SIX Bitcoin ETP & Binance Vs Gemini

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Comment (41)

  1. It would be interesting to count of all the companies saying they have a billion dollars in Bitcoin. That's at least 1000 BTC each. The amount of BTC actually in circulation must be small, and even then a lot of that is probably used to influence prices- in which case it would only remain in circulation short term. Considering this, it's not so hard to see why the block reward halving has such a huge influence on the market.

  2. India is a double face nation. No a surprise Libra will be the 1st in world in India. Fit the picture personality that the nation could corrupted into collaborate with FB.
    India try reject BTC because there almost hard for them to have a piece of pie thorough corruption into their pocket.
    Imagine India under the British Colonia period generated huge economical boom export Opium's to China and Tea to the West, remain poor bastard nation for few hundred yrs especially after their independent as Asian largest democratic industrial nation retain undeveloped nation status…

  3. "Not your key, not your crypto" All these companies are doing is trying to get the coin out of your hand so they can take it. Watch, one of these is going to have 1000btc from like 550 ppl and "oops, btc was made illegal by your govt, we cant send it back to you. Oh you want the fiat equivalent then?, yeah… about that."

  4. AML…. So bankers decide if something is illegal, and punish the offender? On their own? Without any other input? Which employees get to do this? The bank manager? Night manager? Tellers? They are the new law makers, law enforcers, judge jury and executioner?
    Since when?

  5. (Thank you TMI for honest reporting)
    Equip: 1 bottle o' booze [(please be careful)].
                1 shot glass per person.
                1 beer per person.
    Take 1 shot   – "Hello Everybody"
    Take A sip     – "Welcome Back"
    Take A sip     – "To Start Things Off"
    Take A sip     – "Let's Move On" 
    Take A sip     – "Next Up"
    Take A sip     – "Blah Blah Blah"
    Take A sip     – "So and so"
    Take A sip     – "Yadda Yadda Yadda"
    Take A sip     – "Keeping in Mind"
    Take A sip     – "W/out Further Ado"
    Take 3 shots – "W/out Further Ado Doo"
    Take A sip     – "What have you"
    Take 1 shot   – "Whatever the Case Might Be"
    Take 1 shot   – "And I Do Quote"
    Take A sip     – "I Would  Be Shocked If…"
    Take 1 shot   – "I Was  Listening to a Podcast"
    Take 1 shot   – "I Have A Friend" (who is or isn't listening "probably").
    Take 1 shot   – "My Gosh" 
    Take 1 shot   – "My Goodness"
    Take 1 shot   – "I'm Fairly Certain"
    Take 1 shot   – "I'm Not Even Joking"
    Take 1 shot   – "It Drives Me Insane"
    Take 1 shot   – "That's Kind of Cool"
    Take 1 shot   – "That's Really Weird" (or variations thereof).
    Take 1 shot   – "This is Awesome"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Who Haven't Been Paying Attention"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Who Are New to the Space"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Not Looking at The Screen"
    Take 1 shot.  – "You Kind Of Get What I'm Saying"
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    Take 1 shot. –  "I Mean, To Be Fair" 
    Take 1 shot   – "If You Can See Where This is
    Take 1 shot   – "If You Kind of Want to Say It That Way"
    Take 3 shots – "The Geminis"
    Take 2 shots – "Everyone's Losing Thier Minds"
    Take 2 shots –  A "Stutter-Repeat" of a word.
    Take 2 shots –  Speaks too fast ; replaces words w/ curse words.
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    Take A Sip     – "As Always"
    Take 1 shot   – "Ssssee You"😄👍

    [Thanks community for your input.]

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  7. Random question for everyone… by the time bitcoin reaches $1,000,000, and taking into consideration the worlds financial state atm, would you even trade back in to dollars or would it be safe to say that if someone did do that, they’ve completely missed the whole point of bitcoin in the first place?


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