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Commentaire (49)

  1. Stellar and XRP nice projects, but I am very bullish about this two projects Credit and Wavesbet Unbelievable this two projects Credit and Waves are mind blowing projects great features , a bunch of use cases, great team and community behind them, they have so much potentials that 500x will be very realistic in the next bullrun wich is imminent to happen soon.

  2. Who is the mug here. From what I can see one big holder of bitcoin sells and makes millions for nothing, and then you lot build it back up again, and then another big bitcoin holder sells again and takes all the millions in profit, and then you all go and buy into it again for the same thing to happen over and over again.

  3. Interesting to see Poloniex move to destination tags (or more likely x-addresses) for XRP wallets; a few reasons for why they might do this:

    *Better off-ledger management of customer XRP funds.
    *They won't receive constant emails asking about the 20 XRP account fee.
    *Reduction in wasteful XRPL accounts with minimum funds, which are a burden on servers.
    *If the price were to surge, new Poloniex customers won't be priced out of buying/trading XRP.

  4. how dare you not know about Enjin? they are releasing what you are calling proper games and prices have been doing good lately compared to other alts
    go take a look at whats going on at mid to small caps from time to time dude

  5. “Hedge funds have increased bets against Franklin Templeton to $1.2bn, as the US fund manager grapples with fundamental challenges to the business of asset management…The short sellers’ bets now account for 12 per cent of all of Franklin Templeton’s freely-available stock.”

  6. Digital will replace almost everything . When i was a kid . My dad , a photographer said "digital , will never replace the quality of film photographs…." wake up people. Digital is the future. But I'm sure you already know that, that's why you are here.

  7. EOS is clunky and not user friendly in its current version. I created an account and tried different apps. Trying to collect airdrops 9/10 times didnt work. Its has a horrible user interface. I'm a computer programmer and I can tell you this is total $%&#. They have a long way to go to be used by average users.

  8. I love Andreas' videos too!… He likens the (centralized/permissioned) digital currencies that will be created by countries and companies to the kind of internet introduced by AoL. Of course governments are concerned about how cryptocurrencies will effect their ability to control monetary policy. Cryptocurrencies are an exit strategy, a way to opt out, and governments are concerned about losing that control.


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