Qu'est-ce que Binance Coin ENB 2019 ?

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We’ve already mentioned that BNB has many use cases. For instance, you can use BNB to pay for your travel expenses, buy virtual gifts, and much more. But let’s take a look at how BNB can help you with trading fees.

When trading on the Binance Exchange, each trade will incur in a standard fee of 0.1% (trading fees are determined based on trading volume). You can either pay the trading fees using the assets you are trading or you can pay for them with BNB. If you choose to pay in BNB, you will get a special discount on your trading fees.

Therefore, if you trade a lot on Binance, you should consider getting more BNB and using them to pay for your fees. Keep in mind that the deduction for trading fees follows a predefined schedule and the discount will be reduced every year until 2021.

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