Why This Bitcoin Technical Indicator is EXPLODING

Why This Bitcoin Technical Indicator is EXPLODING

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  1. “I tend to agree that PlanB’s Stock-to-Flow model provides one of the most reliable prediction mechanisms for the price of Bitcoin in 2020 and onwards. Not only does this model fit past performance with an accuracy of 99.5%, but a prediction that Bitcoin will set a new all-time high of $100,000 dans 2020 coincides perfectly with impending major developments like the potential launch of the Bitwise and VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETFs, and the upcoming launch of Bakkt next month", so everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Paulo's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on telegram Paulophilips440 or WhatsApp+1(985)686-OO34

  2. Everyone loves low risk and high reward projects to invest, but in my opinion these projects Credit, Wavesbet, BABB and Evimeria are extremly low risk alomost zero risk and high reward projects to invest don`t miss it out

  3. The increase in hashrate is due to efficiency and technological improvements. You can buy more hashpower for the same price as in 2017, so basically your ROI is not affected even though you have more hashpower. Secondly miners don't need to make a profit to keep mining. They just have to be cashflow positive then they hoard the remaining bitcoins to sell at higher prices so the miners are bullish

  4. The big bags market manipulators have learned how how to pump the price, how to dump the price, and now they are practicing putting it to sleepinto a coma. It's working.
    The rest of us trust the market. They just play with it, and are now inducing a coma.

  5. I wonder why people are still complaining about losses of bitcoin? or why are you still finding it difficult to trade and benefit more like others, I think the only problem leading to this is because they all believe in ‘Youtubers’. Bitcoin is on it large state which we are all expecting more of it why not stop losing your money and bitcoin and become a winner today. I was disappointed when I lost 3.7BTC with SwissCoin on the 12 of February 2018. I was left with 2BTC on my Coinbase, I started searching for a reliable way to trade and make more profit, I was then introduced to an expert trader from my bank officer he has been dealing with cryptocurrencies since June 2011 he’s a masterminded person and willing to help you with his experience when it comes to trading on cryptocurrencies. with my little faith I accepted the odd and willing to test his strategy which he offered me, the signal was ultimate with 2BTC of trading I regain all my losses within 4 weeks of trading and I am still winning more by applying the same method in every trade, this was totally fantastic, I am giving out this speech because I know Mr. Michael Lincoln can be of help when it comes to trading and making more benefit in cryptocurrencies

  6. So many strategies but I’ve adopted just three I was thought by Chris WellingT.L.S(trend, learn, signal), Straddle and the Risk Reversal strategy. You can know more strategies if you get in touch with him firsthand. Without a good and suitable strategy, you will plod along. If you have a good strategy you might make money, but nothing is guaranteed still because you might not be making as much money as you could. Why leave these profits behind when there is a sure way of getting them? Mr Chris welling is all you need. I strongly recommend him for all your trade. He’s bestowed with the nicest trading process, reach out to him on Telegram @chriswelling1313”


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