Hello, everybody you welcome back for another video hope that you are all doing well, that you are all having an incredible day. Two starts things off for those who have not noticed, while you are probably all sleeping Bitcoin has once again shot up in price. It is now currently around the eight thousand seven hundred eight thousand eight hundred dollar mark. It says Bitcoin has spikes to his high its mark this year. So far, continuing the bullish trend that has doubled Bitcoin quotes since the start of the spring. As the new week has begun, Bitcoin price has soared ten percent from where it was at the end of Friday, as per Bloomberg, Bitcoin was trading around eight thousand eight hundred dollars during the Tokyo session at ten twenty five. Currently, the Bitcoin price is slightly down around eighty six hundred eighty seven hundred dollars, depending on where you are getting your prices from. So this is a very interesting step and I am quite interestedand I mentioned this before a couple of months ago. I was very fascinated to see if the market would kind of pick up on the fact that a lot of things are supposed to be happening in June there's. Even some new June news, as we go further into the video June, is meant to be a very significant time as it is. We are getting very we're getting closer to the light coin. Reward getting cut in half and we're also expected to haven't a bunch of not even announcements, anymore, a lot of things actually launching in June, so it was very significant about Bitcoin.

I mean if you didn't, realize thus far continuing up in prices that Bitcoin hasn't really slowed down. Despite what a number of analysts air quote have been saying over the last couple of weeks, a lot of people continue to think or rather have thought that even when Bitcoin was around a couple, six seven thousand dollars that Bitcoin was going to dramatically fall down. We were still getting those 800 bitcoins. Once again, I say good luck with all of that, as of right now, the way that we are moving and the way that the momentum of the market seems to be going. Is that a lot of people, especially if you saw my last video, the fear of missing out, has set in very very hard? It is know this is no longer a test. This is not us like thinking, okay, what could possibly happen? We know that a lot of major things are going to be launching in June and in July, especially because we had news, I believe, from fidelity that they planned launching it within a couple of weeks. And that was about three weeks ago, and we also had news from the New York Stock Exchange that they were going to be doing. What was it, I think, backed was going to begin sometime in June. I think it was mainly for like heavy institutional investors, but this means that backed will have officially launched. Then, eventually normal money will be able to get into it as well.

So this is all incredibly significant, and so where we stand right now, it looks like if we continue this momentum, we will pass by 9000 at 9000. This is the pre fear of missing out doesn't, even really define it anymore. Once we hit 10000, I already told you guys that's it that's the point where everyone's gon na completely lose their minds. I'Ve, an increase is not even the the word anymore, so many people have been asking me and my friends and family in stuff like that about cryptocurrency, is the last like four five six seven days, even when I see friends and stuff like that, it's definitely picking Up when we hit 10000, that is the five figure mark that we have been waiting for this over here. For those who are not looking at the screen, it says, Bitcoin still in parabola could soon hit 11000. If trend holds once we hit 10000. I I think the sky's the limit at that point. This is when the market will definitely start moving up. I don't think that is random, that the market is moving up, especially as we're about to get all of this news. This is why I was so confused at the beginning of the year when people were like yeah Bitcoin might Bitcoin might pass by 5000 this year, no one sure and I'm, like we have the New York Stock Exchange. We have the Nasdaq and we have fidelity and we have goldman sachs and all this other stuff launching some and TD Ameritrade, like just within the united states.

You see i was like if you think that bitcoin is going to end the year at 5000, because at that point it was 3200. I was like you're not paying attention to everything, that's kind of happening around the world, we're no longer in this little tiny niche market that we were in 2016 to 2017 there's, an enormous amount of money waiting on the sidelines to get into it, and even more So there's actually a bunch of a tinier money as well that's also going to completely thrash into the market once they realize that they should have gotten in a long time ago, but that's what's happening at least at the current moment. I think within the next day or two if we pass by 9000, everyone hold on because it's going to get really serious, really really fast. Next up goal demand Sachs, backed cryptocurrency startup known as circle, says: a lack of clarity from the United States. Regulators about digital assets is hurting the country's crypto market, in a blog post, published on Thursday circle, put forward its opinion about the current regulatory environment for crypto currencies within the United States. According to cryptocurrency, the stone cryptocurrency, the startup uncertainties caused by conflicting signals from regulatory bodies in the country are frustrating many stakeholders, there's the of course, the seal for the SEC for circle. The major part of this frustration comes from the classification of virtual currency tokens as securities as reported by Bitcoin issed Polonia X.

A circle owned crypto currency exchange recently had to the list 9 tokens just for people within the United States on Wednesday. Bitcoin is also reported that circle laid off about 10 percent of its workforce. The company blamed a restrictive u.s. regulations as the reason for the decision it's getting to the people. Didn'T. Listen to me believe me, trust me throughout. I thought I was blowing hot air hot smoke. They thought I was just kind of saying things into the wind. I said I noticed the last year that the u.s. is not getting it together. It was widely believed for a very long time that the United States was going to be the leader in the cryptocurrency space, completely smashing it taking over everything. Everyone would know exactly what was going on with the crypto market because of what was happening in the US, and this is the third time now. This is not the first time that we have news like this. This is the the first time from the people from Goldman Sachs. The people from Goldman Sachs have come forward and told the US regulators to hurry up. We'Ve also seen people within the SEC also say this as well as, if I think, if bitcoins price had remained three thousand four thousand dip down to three thousand again gone back up to four thousand. We would have none of this news, but the fact that they know if I can feel it I'm, pretty sure the people who have billions of dollarsthey know exactly what's about to happen to the market.

Part of the issue is, is that they feel restricted in some sort of way as far as getting into the market, because they don't know exactly how they can go exactly how much money they can put into it. They still there's still no real tax. Anything as well like we had news from the IRS last week that they're working on it they're, definitely figuring out a way for people to pay their taxes and crypt owners like you should have done this about four or five six years ago, like crypto currencies. Haven'T really changed it's just that the SEC has been the most the the largest cloud floating over the space, declaring that everything, except for a Bitcoin at the moment, is a security. And if we all remember as well, there was someone last year who said that he thought that aetherium was not a security, and then we had someone three or four or five months later, who said nothing is written in stone. Every coin should still be seen as a security and it's kind of like get it together. So the point is that, like I said, this is the third time that um heavy weights would intent within the United States have come forward to state that they need to hurry up. Something is wrong: they're hurting the US crypto currency marketand I mentioned before thisis why I said it. The rest of the world is moving on when you realize that there are other countries talking about making bonds on Bitcoin or because their currency is garbage and they need crypto currencies to kind of prop their economy up.

That means other rich people around the world, see exactly where this is going and they starting to pump their money into the cryptocurrency market, whether that is directly on a crypto currency exchange or over the counter. Doesn'T matter, they're gobbling up crypto currencies at an enormous rate. What'S happening is, is that the country that was expected to kind of take it all over they're taking their their sweet time, that's, not to say that the SEC could not surprise us next week and go gotcha here's some rules and regulations. Now the market can move forward, probably not gon na happen, and the fact of that I was reading an article and it was probably one of the saddest things I've ever read in my entire life. They were talking about how they believe that we, as a people, should band together to let the SEC know that that a Bitcoin ETF is definitely okay and they should let it go through, so that the United States market can definitely pick back up and kind of. Take over what, where China has and you know, parts of Asia have taken over as they're dominated crypto currencies. It was like it was like a UH. It was like an announcement for people to kind of come together and tell the SEC. No, no, no it's. Fine! Please please ETF right now, so we can stay at the head of the at the head of the line and it's like there's a there's, an issue going on.

If the, if I was gon na, say if Bitcoin passes by 10000 and we still don't have any rules that was looking like it's gon na happen very very soon, when Bitcoin passes by 10000 is the the the SEC has to get it together. I don't know what's wrong with him, but once again, regardless of what influence the United States might have had on the rest of the world with the US dollar, that era is ending very quickly and the rest of the world has taken to crypto currencies. Especially I mean I can't even give you a specific country, because it's kind of happening all over the place, here's the actual blog post from circle, where they're talking about hey, get it together. Next up, there's a YouTube channel called capital creators. I just actually saw this yesterday. They performed an experiment offering students the choice of either one dollar or one Bitcoin, and it sells it says the overwhelming majority chose the dollar. I don't have the video up and I can't play it for you because of copyright laws. Nada yada yada, if you can find this yourself, definitely watch it's about a good 15 minute. Video is very interesting because you think, logically, that young people in university would have a bit more of an idea of exactly what a a bitcoin is. That bitcoin is definitely worth over 1 nope. There was a video I watched this was years ago. It was very interesting, it was about a guy.

He was it looked like Florida. It looked relatively warm and he's walking down the street and he's asking people he's like I think it was like. Would you rather have like 10 or like? Would you rather have a like a gold coin and, like everyone was also like? No one was choosing the gold coin, even though he was telling them like. Is it worth 1200 and they were like? Oh wow, I had had no idea, I I thought it was about five or six like people for some reason. Don'T know the value of assets or investments, not really sure. Why, like I said that the the channel is called capital creators, this is not a paste partnership, it's, just partnership, not a paid sponsorship. In any way. I thought the video was interesting. I love. I love things like this, where people kind of go into the streets and they ask people, questions and the people just can completely get it wrong. I don't know I found that interesting anyway, you should all go. Watch it and let's um move on next up over the last couple of days, litecoin has been doing extremely well. The reward of litecoin is gon. Na get kinda half is about a good. What is it two and a half months yeah you ever take somewhere around there by the time we are in the heat of the summer, like coins reward is going to be cut in half or the amount of coins that are going to be distributed created made By the network, the market has definitely picked up for litecoin in anticipation for this it's.

What I wanted to see for a very long timeand I hope the light coin continues with this momentum. I think it definitely will once we and I hope that light coin outpaces a lot of the other coins just because when we do have a in you know the the insane bull market of everything kind of skyrocketing. For the course of, however long a light coin. Will perform a lot better as well, and the price will go a lot higher than we saw before anyway. The point is this is happening. Obviously, a lot of people are getting very excited. I'M. Glad to see the light coin is doing fairly well, we have not heard an enormous amount from the light coin foundation or from Charlie Li over the last couple of like two months. Hopefully we do hear from them relatively soon. They did announce that they were planning on implementing it. Wasn'T member Wimble was a member wem. Oh they plan on doing something for private transactions on top of light coin. They said by the end of this year, it'll be implemented on, I think, through a soft fork. Can'T wait for it. Let'S move on here's a really weird one, telecommunications giant Swisscom has unveiled a new approach to using non fungible tokens or NF T's. The product called I don't know if that's new or now it's n oo W. So it could be new whoo. I'M, just gon na say now for the sake of my sanity, we'll display art that you own and you and the artist will know how many copies of his or her work have been distributed.

The app comes from a tube based de loop, which spun out of Swiss comms accelerator, known as kick box from the Greater Zurich. Oh yeah, I mean okay. This makes a bit more sense if it's from Zurich and it's from souk, of course, they're making something that allows you to view the art that you own, that sounds very rich people E. They said digital art is displayed on screens in places such as hotels, restaurants and offices. Changing sequences or animations create a unique ambience. However, a lack of copy protection systems and distributed platforms means that these works are often used illegally. The startup du Loup intends to create to change the situation with its now app. The blockchain solution guarantees the ownership rights for buyers and payment from artists. The service will be available on Swisscom TV, a set top box service in Switzerland and include 100 works by 30 artists. Stefanie Merlin Wenger will curate the first batch so one I guess this is kind of coolis very interesting. It leads us to the world where we were talking about. You know the weird things that you can do with crypto currencies or blockchains that we did not think before the world is moving and accelerating to a very digital kind of place and I'd like to show how much or how quick this will catch on. But the discussion comes down to the non fungible tokens, which is a very big thing that many platforms are trying to do.

You may have heard me talk about non fungible tokens before what it comes down to is that there are a lot of cryptocurrency blockchain platforms that are trying to make these a real thing, because the idea comes down to, if you own something you should be able To make a token that, then, is indistinguishable or distinguishable distinguishable from other crypto currencies and therefore you are the only one who can own this token because you have the private keys and therefore you own the right. So theyand this is how people are starting to digitize and tokenized real estate, art cars, land and all this other stuff, and this is kind of where it comes down to. I just didn't see art on TV being one of those things, but lo and behold, apparently when you're rich in Switzerland. This is a. This is a thing that you do next up front is actually in the news hold your breath. Tron, founder Justin Sun has dropped yet another classic pre announcement announcement on Twitter Sun is hinting at new details on trans integration. With the file sharing platform known as bit torrent, full announcement will be on the 1st of June I'm, actually holding my breath for this one. Not because I'm, a Tron fan or a bit torrent, holder it's, mainly because Justin's son is infamous and famous at the same time for announcing announcements before they actually end up happening, and he always says that something major is going to happen a couple of months ago.

Maybe even less than a year, the people from Tron purchased BitTorrent for around 100 million dollars, and I thought that money could have gone to many other greater things. However, people from Tron thought this was appropriate, they have purchased BitTorrent and apparently the idea is is that BitTorrent is going to be integrated with Tron, potentially even integrating BitTorrent, with actual Tron TRX tokens being able to use it on their platform. No one knows this is all speculation. Of course, I want to see exactly what they end up doing. I feel like it's not going to be what we think. However, just in some announcing news causes the price to go up, and this is why I mentioned before. When you want to talk about a coin that's, a security Sharan is probably a security anyway. The point is this is happening on June 1st. I find it kind of interesting that they're doing it the same at the same exact time as the people from EOS are also doing their b1 June of en't, which is also expected to blow the roof off the top of the house of the building of the Cryptocurrency space the people from EOS have been talking for a very long time about there be one thing and I don't think it's a coincidence that it's also happening on June 1st for Tron, so may the best winner win and yeah like I like, I always say, If you can do it do it and if Tron can, dare I say it a couple of months ago, there was a couple of developers and encoders and they were saying that BitTorrent is so massive that the moment that Tron tried to properly integrated into its systems.

That Tron would melt so saith the developers we'll see. We only have a couple days left for this news if it's actually going to end up happening anyway, I'll let some move on here's. Some kind of interesting news. Big Sky Country has gone crypto friendly with new legislation addressing the use of utility tokens. The governor of the u.s. state of Montana Steve Bullock, signed House bill 584 into law earlier this month, recognizing utility tokens and exempting them from being considered as securities under local rules. With caveats, titled generally revised laws relating to cryptocurrency what a weird bill the bill was supposed or sponsored by state representative Shane Moore ago, and sets out to that utility tokens transactions are permissible as long as the purpose of the token is primarily consumptive, that is to Say they are utilized, the issuer must not market the token as an investment or for speculation. It must still file a notice of intent to sell the tokens with the state securities. Commissioner, other restrictions include yada, yada, yada, so, and so, and so the only thing that I have seen that has been relatively promising is that a lot of states within the United States weird have started issuing their own cryptocurrency laws. Are there trying to exempt cryptocurrencies from being securities or making the laws very favorable? I think there's also one or two states that have very low capital gain tax. When you do, if you do decide to sell your crypto currencies, I think there also a lot of them have said if I'm not mistaken, I'm, pretty sure there's at least two states who have some type of a.

If you are a crypto startup. I think you pay like zero and taxes for the first five years, if they're, that you're in that space that they're trying to get all this money flowing into them, you know build up the so and so around them it's been very it's, been states that one Would not normally assume would be key, or up on this at is the same month like typically you don't hear about Montana. When it comes to crypto currencies, you would expect more Los Angeles or New York, so very good on those lawmakers. If we're actually doing things like this it's kind of cool, I wish other states would kind of get to it as well, but um we can't have everything that we want. As always a very special thank you to my patreon supporters. They are professor Wally from Gumba University, SC, Verrilli, fine art Krypton, be a shipmate Brady Neal Dell Doug cherish Nider, wise niteowl shaolin, fried rice, Gilboa, snake rip, dojo mohair, Moroney, carl birch, and off singersongwriter mike Sabbats, Rai, Rai, Yasha, Harari, ami starching, jeffrey ramsey, crip, notic; Clarity, Snowden crypto artist, called e3d Nicholas one earth one piece: one: love setsuna, Nick Kanaya, Richie, Rich, the third RF dusty cody, vlad the impaler paksas jeremy, the photographer Jim Gardner minting coins Arthur yaku Nick am Angela body and Anthony Charles. Thank you all an incredible amount for your support. At the moment, the market is green. It looks kind of nice, I won't even lie.

Bitcoin is currently sitting at around eight thousand seven hundred and seventy four US dollars, depending on where you are getting your prices from other crypto currency exchanges, or rather yeah yeah exchanges were showing bitcoins price is hitting eight thousand nine hundred and one dollar, so it kind Of depends on where you got your prices from we are still doing exceptionally well at the moment, aetherium is up by seven percent. Xrp is six point: six percent Bitcoin cash, eight percent. What have you like coin is up by almost twelve percent. Eos is also a by nine percent, and Tehran is up by eight point three percent, one of the most worrying things and I worry for the wider cryptocurrency space. Is that a lot of people? I I look on forums. I look on blogs. I look on websites and I look to see exactly what is happening in the cryptocurrency space there's, something happening, and I think that people will regret these movements later on in life. A lot of people are desperately pumping on different websites and forums and on different chatting things. A lot of people are pumping Bitcoin cash and also Bitcoin cash, Satoshi's vision spreading false information that the US government has allowed Craig Wright to have the patent or Bitcoin, and therefore he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the US government. You can google this and I mean do this right now. You can even stop this video and find it.

The US government has the US Patent Office has actually even come forward themselves and said: no, they don't recognize Craig Wright. A Satoshi Nakamoto is just that. Anyone can file a patent III. I made a video on this. I might have got four or five days ago, but the day afterwards, I didn't have it in a video. The Patent Office actually came forward and said: no. We we do not consider him as the creator of Bitcoin, but on forums. A lot of people are trying to pump it as hard as possible, because a lot of them are probably going to be dumping the coin very very soon. Anyway. The point is always pay attention to where you have your money. It is very important, especially as we move closer to a ten thousand dollar Bitcoin. I want everyone out there to make an enormous amount of profits and I do not want you to have your money in a coin that is going to pump and then will dump and then you will check the prices later on and you will realize that you Were holding that coin and now a lot of your money is gone. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening very exciting times ahead, I am trying not to hope for a 9000 Bitcoin by the end of this day, but you know I can dream. Thank you all once again for watching and listening. I hope you enjoyed and I will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you


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