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  1. Hey Chris!
    I see a steady climb and incline, but no major spikes for a while. It should reach $120 end of Augearly Sept.
    $130-135 near the end of Sept.
    The next big move of $185-190 comes in the 3rd week of Oct.
    That's far enough for now with my cycle/pattern analysis. Cheers

  2. a lot of praying and hoping in the comments, lmfao! There have been warning signals for weeks now that ltc will go back under 60$. Remember what Charlie Lee said, halving already priced in. Smart money got in sub 60$ and got out above 120$ .They were happy enough with doubled investment money haha. Foolish if you're not out yet of this trap. Been warning for weeks now,….

  3. The Łitecoin profile is a lot more significant than previously. There are link ups and partnerships with, TravelbyBit, UFC fighters, Glory kickboxing league, International Soccer Stars, POP Stars, Film Producers, State sanctioned remittances to Venezuala and now Miami Dolphins. 🐬 🏈

    Increased ‘Use’ for means increased demand, mining reward halving leads to reduced supply. Result should be greater use and price🏌️‍♂️🌤

  4. Why the HELL is everythings else is up and Litecoin on the Eve of Halving is Trying SO HARD TO CRASH ???? ALL OTHER COINS ON COIN BASE UP UP UP UP ☝ LITECOIN ON A SOLO SUICIDE RUN 🏃

  5. It's all manipulated. It's so easy to see in the order book. Doesn't anyone know how to read an order book anymore? Market maker has been manipulating since 2017. Its on my channel it's all elementary math. Go to my channel JohnRusso007. I am not selling anything the info is free.

  6. as long as u look at USD it dont make sense to me. Like now, LTC is loosing big against BTC while BTC price goes up but dollar remains same. The smart trade is to gain sats instead of USD. Just my opinion.

  7. Really hard to tell how it will go because LTC switching between negative and positive correlation in respect to BTC. Looks like BTC will pump, will LTC pump or dump? Last BTC pump was a dump for LTC. LTCBTC keeps dumping, and BTC dominance rising. I am worried.


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