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“Leaked” Litecoin chat with Charlie Lee:

Charlie Lee admits the leaked convo was true:

Charlie Lee explains but digs himself deeper (tweet thread):
Altcoin Daily vid on Kevin O’Leary:

Original Video of Kevin O’Leary Championing BTC in 2013:

Kevin O’Leary Today acting ignorant:



  1. General question about crypto safety.
    What device are you interacting with it on? If its an Apple, or Android or Microsoft or google product. Are you claiming you can perform tasks on those devices and platforms that those corporations can’t possibly stop you from, or watch you do? Does the blockchains decentralization really impress you that much when every electron of your experience with it needs google or apples or bill gates permission to operate?

  2. Bitcoin will make it possible for everyone to have enough. Enough food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education to reach their full potential to contribute. What's the value of that..💖👍😊

  3. People love Bitcoin not because they want the freedom of money, but because they want its value to increase and grant them more USD when they sell it. I agree with some governments who think using Bitcoin as an unregulated currency would be questionable. Because of money regulations, the USA could stop some countries from sending money to Terrorist organizations. ًWithout these regulations, this step would be impossible.

  4. FYI Litecoin is not a platform it is a pure currency just like Bitcoin only Litecoin and Bitcoin are the only two pure cryptocurrencies out there just thought I would correct your mistake

  5. He knows what going on, in the video clip, he mentioned about all the different currencies he owns. He, himself does not not trust any of the governments he in. It's called headgeing your bets.

  6. Great video Heidi. I LOVE seeing douchebags exposed. You can BET that Kevin O'Leary is, all the while preaching against BTC, loading up on BTC in his personal account. Just like that other douchebag, Jamie Dimon, of JP Morgan.


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