This Is The Biggest Development To Hit Bitcoin To Date


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Super Helpful Video for Understanding Quantum Computers:

Quantum Computers vs Supercomputers vs. Mainframes:

Zerohedge making this into a doom’s day scenario:

MSN article downplaying this new information:

Wired Article says Not the end of Encryption:

Other news regarding Quantum Computing as of 2019:

Peter Todd’s thoughts on Quantum Computers and Cryptocurrencies:

Scott Aaronson’s Quantum Supremacy FAQ:

Quantum Resistant Ledger:


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Comment (44)

  1. I consider the the crypto mining network as a stable quantum computer, 256 encryption decoded (by guesses, brute force) in minutes instead of decades, operates in petaflops just like quantum computers do, but 512 bit will still take 10K years to decrypt even if all the computers in the world tried to crack it, so no worries for cypto yet

  2. Research paper "leaked" "unintentionally posted" LOL I doubt that. Anyway, if a quantum computer can be used to crack code then it can be used to PROTECT code. Peter Todd is the MAN. He knows what he's talking about.

  3. Really old news but good presentation. But you fail to mention. Electricity is a scam. Guns can misfire. Best buy some rocks and bows and arrows and oil lamps. Only yellow dirt made shiny is real money.

  4. Been awhile since I’ve harassed you about your, uh, investments? Looks like it has only gotten worse huh? STILL blows me away that someone with as much smarts as you seem to have is being so completely taken in by this ridiculous hope of some kind of electronic money actually EVER being adopted by the different countries in this world, and then actually even using it for everyday transactions. I sure hope for your sake that you are looking into more potentially profitable investments than this hyped up crypto crap. Good luck.

  5. How convenient that the leak of the article coincided with launch of BAKKT. Coincident or done on purpose. Think CIA weapon of mass destruction report leak to a CNN reporter right before the gulf war. How convenient. What you think?

  6. Quantum Computer Hacking Bitcoin…….A bunch of "fud" to scare crypto investors.

    Here is my personal take on this subject matter. It was no coincident that Google announced that their new Quantum computer could hack bitcoin on the same day that BAKKT was announce and released. No! Nothing to worry about. Not a coincident. Just a bunch of FUD to discourage people from buying bitcoin. The problem with any quantum computer is that they will be bogg down by the relatively slow speed of the miners by comparison. It can not extract data from the block chains any faster than the ability of the blockchain network and speed of the miners themselves to put out the data, let alone the verification process. It is like having a super processor (cpu) on your motherboard that can handle 10,000 years of calculation solving down to 3 minutes but it ain't crap unless your motherboard has a supporting chipset and bios that operate at the same speed. Nobody can turn the miners, blockchain, nodes and internet that are all over the world into a single quantum computer operating at 0° Kelvin to match the speed of the quantum computing. "Relatively" speaking, that quantum computer will be waiting an eternaty for the miners, blockchains and nodes to return a verification on private keys for the billions of ledgers out there. In order for it to work the entire internet, block chains, miners, node etc etc etc will have to exist on a one "single" quantum computer and that technology in and of itself is probably 10,000 years away. Nothing to worry about in our lifetime. Correct me if I am wrong about this matter. Just me saying.

  7. if quantum computers exist, they still have limits and require resources and engineering a regular supercomputer, mainframe or cluster would not necessarily need…..

    also, as indicated, anything on a computer is secured with code/ encryption/ keys/ hash/ SHA-256+, etcso, nothing would be secure any more, except they would have lots of targets and only a few (to start at least) quantum computers.

    also, if when quantum computers are more common (and can crack more "secure" encryption algorithms) these computers could also be used to secure the networkbe it a bank network, work network, home network, BTC, LTC, etcnetwork.

  8. They sure are beautiful to say the leastThey really look of something old elite Industrial Age when art design, & craftsmanship were equally importantWhile totally futuristic I love themAs long as they don’t mess with my coins 😠
    Great stuff Heidi, I always enjoyOh more crypto improv comedy like with the street model ads that time! Too Funny 😁

  9. Thanks for the video. For all the reading I've done, we're years a way from this quantum threat. BTC is still a good buy and it has the biggest number of smart devsthey will work out solutions. I'm still buying Bitcoin. I bought some today!

  10. Q computers are just the digital version of an atomic bomb. Another advancement for a species too immature to handle it. Only evil will own them. So, yep, a chunk of your tax dollar will go to the monitoring activity of these machines, wherever they may be. This will all be hidden under the blanket of national security, as usual. But just like a nuke, anyone who attempts to use these machines for nefarious purposes will automatically loose and be shunned by the world. Besides, the owners and the list of those qualified to operate this equipment will be limited and easy to hunt down.

  11. Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving another day closer🌬….🏖

    Good to see Sofi (Social Finance) app in USA now trading Bitcoin and Łitecoinref Charlie Lee twitter feed

  12. i have very large doubts over this issue. Firstly one of the most important use of encryption is that of missile silos.Cracking this is one of the most immediate use of Quantum computers by any world military, as is cracking teh financial encryption of a falsly bilt economy (China) Intel on Chinas interest in war behind closed doors has become more abundant of late along with conflicts in the S.C.Sea, Things like this dont just 'leakLets see some tangible evidence of Googles breakthroughs. ….


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