Hello, everybody welcome back for another video hope, you're all doing well and that you're all having an incredible day to start things off a top Federal Reserve. Officials said on Wednesday that the US central bank is actively looking at and debating issuance of a digital currency. Amid growing worries among current and former regulators that the dollar might be at risk of losing its status as the world's reserve currency, speaking at a local business event in Austin, Texas, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, President Rob Caplan said, and I do quote we are not At the Fed we have a defend whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. We have not that's a weird sentence. We have not at the Fed, decided to pursue or drive who talks like that to drive or develop a digital currency, but it's something we're actively looking at and debating. In quote a former Goldman Sachs executive with the most extensive capital markets, experience among members and alternatives on the Fed key monetary policy committee and Kaplan said the US could suffer high interest costs if a foreign government or another entity developed an alternative currency that received widespread Adoption his comments came after the former commodities future TradingCommission Chairman J, Christopher Giancarlo, but in an open e d piece that called for the u.s. to create a digital currency to avoid the risk that the dollar might lose its reserve status. Gian Carlin now serves as an adviser to the chamber of digital commerce.

A trade group focused on blockchain and crypto policy. My assumption is that I've really weird that this has this has so much weight without actually even launching. At this point, I assume a fraction of it definitely has to do with Libra. There was an article I was reading yesterday talking about the the problems it's, not even just anymore, Libra its. If other people decide to mimic Libra ie, the the situation that we've had within the cryptocurrency space is that some company some entity has tried to launch a Bitcoin ETF one. It gets rejected and three other companies go well let's. Try. Instead those three try. They get rejected five more peer and it keeps going on and on and on so regardless of, if Libra makes it or not it's the assumption that some other company on this planet will eventually launch their own digital token. That will eventually receive mass adoption. The other side of this is and let's see if this actually ends up taking place sometime in November. The China coin, whatever the actual official name might be, is supposed to be launched as well, and the new story that we had from before was that China coin was trying to launch before Libra, actually even had a chance to begin to think about launching them. Talking about that they're actively debating lets me already know myself that they're, probably this is probably already in the works, the amount of other companiesand I know I know they're, not a company per se, and it depends on how you look at it per se.

Other companies who've been in the cryptocurrency space for about four or five years, only let us know last year or this year that they've been in this space for five years. I assume that this is probably already in the works. They probably have a working prototype and will not be blockchain based at all, or if it is, it will be so heavily centralized that it won't even be declared anything remotely. Decentralized or cryptocurrency like the world, is going to move to a digital plain world relatively soon. That'S that's definitely a given it's more like a. I don't really understand the reason of the. Maybe we will maybe we won't kind of thing, because it's fairly certain, if other countries already are talking about how much they love Libra China coin is going to be launching soon, especially when we had information that's somewhat like the largest names in tech, especially within China, And other countries already planning on integrating that coin into their systems, and we also had the other new store and pretty sure a lot of you remember this as well from about two weeks ago, where's one of the monetary officials in China said that the hope is That, eventually, the coin will be so wide spreading across multiple apps that everyone around the world will have access to it with great ease. I'M. Pretty sure someone else besides, just me within the US, Fed also read that and they were like okay that's going to be a problem, give it gave it by the time this year ends or by next June that's when Libra is expected to have launched in some Sort of capacity that we're gon na hear about a US dollar coin, it kind of makes a lot of sense, especially if it coincides at all in any way over the next.

What is that don't bump bump six, seven, eight months until next June, give or take if Bitcoin happens, to have over a million or trillion dollar market cap now will be the catalyst for a lot of heavy movement among lawmakers and financial experts. I don't even know what to call them anymore: financial makers, people who control money to start really trying to actively pursue something if it takes them a long time, which I think it's going to. I wonder exactly how it will fare, because other countries, this already have already expressed their interest in doing so, and they said that is going to be happening relatively soon but debating it is not going to really get you anywhere, especially without quick, the the cryptocurrency space. Actually evolves next up tying directly into this. The Bank of Canada believes a central bank. Digital currency could be the answer to the threat that crypto currencies present. The Canadian Central Bank is reportedly considering launching a proprietary digital currency on the 16th of October news outlet, the logic reported that the Bank of Canada is exploring the possible opportunities and challenges related to launching its own digital currency. The central bank purportedly believes that a public central bank, digital currency or a CB DC could be the answer to the direct threat that crypto currencies apparently present. The document is titled central bank money. The next generation wow that's cheesy, was reportedly prepared for the current governor of the Bank of Canada, Stefan polos for a September 2018 board meeting and was presented as part of a two year.

Research project on whether or not the bank should launch its own central bank. Digital currency, on the 17th of October, an internal source at the Bank of Canada confirmed to coin Telegraph that the presentation did in fact happen. The author of the document, Stefan Murchison, wrote at the time we need to innovate to stay in the game. The central bank, digital currency would have all the benefits of a central bank backed asset and all the convenience and security of wireless electronic payments. End quote: without reading any further weave, though you may not see it outside or see it in front of you as it is completely digital. We have entered a a brand new space of competition is the word I can only find off the top of my head years and years ago. The idea was that eventually in the future, this is around 2013 2014. Is that in the future, we would get to a point where Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies had become so big that government leaders would start scrambling to figure out exactly the best way to counter it to get around it. And if you have not noticed the amount of people who've come forward the last and not in that even come forward like there's, nothing to really hide it's more, like a the analysts that we've been talking about that guy um on Twitter, I think his name is Plan B, where he discusses the actual movements of Bitcoin in comparison to stocks and bonds, supplying the man, etc, etc, and he says he gives talks and he gives little not lectures but like he'd, you know he discusses things with other financial experts and other people who Are rich now thinking about getting into the cryptocurrency space and just this stuff that we keep seeing around the world? One can only assume that, if plan B, that guy is this active and his charts have thus far shown the trajectory that the cryptocurrency market and moreso bitcoins price are going to take that they are probably at least logically around 100, if not 150, plus other financial Advisors around the world, who are also doing the same amount of research and figuring out exactly how high or how strong powerful worth as much the crypto currencies that we currently have her going to be sometime in the near future.

The fact that years ago, about a good two years ago, we started receiving documents and letters and PDFs, and all this other stuff from governments, the IMF, the World Bank and cetera, etc in this country in that country. Talking about the actual strength of decentralized cryptocurrency x' and how weak they were and how they're not a threat, they pose no threat at all to monetary policy, maybe in in a couple of years. They'Ll follow some type of an issue, but at that point the the world's markets will be so strong and robust that crypto then still won't pose a threat. This was about in 2017 when all of that happened. So we went from a situation where no one spoke about crypto people, weren't daring to even mention crypto. It was on blockchain, not Bitcoin. Crypto currencies are not a threat and now we've entered the period of crypto. Currencies are indeed a threat and we have to figure out a way to keep up if I'm not mistaken. I think this is the second to last leg of the race. I can't find any other words right now, it's more like a in a sequence of something going from nothing to being adopted. This isn't another step that has to take place it's pretty much a a recognition of the space saying that it may potentially pose a problem. It currently does not do so, but the very end of that, I would say, even even number, five out of six steps in my head comes at the very end of the number five is that these are a threat they're worse than we thought we spent a Long time not really paying attention to them, and now we have to do something, and the last step of that which we've seen hints of over the last couple of years, is the trying to dismantle as much of this system as humanly possible, meaning, I think the Final stepand I think this is going to causeprobably the hugestshake out of the cryptocurrency market.

I assume it's gon na happen sometime next year, if we're seeing government's now, especially governments before who were not talking about issuing their own central bank, digital currencies or anything digital at all. Talking about yeah, yeah, yeah we're, looking at it. This leads me to believe, if they're afraid, think of it this way, if some of the strongest countries in the world are afraid of a social media platform coin. Imagine if 15 other social media platforms all decide to launch their their own coins. At the exact same time, if they're afraid of that imagine how afraid they'll be when bitcoins market cap ends up going over a trillion dollars, it's all cumulative and what we've seen I think, we've scratched, maybe the the the surface of number of number six. As far as like them trying to dismantle the entire thingand that comes from the CFTC and the SEC, the last couple of weeks going on a rampage and sending letters and trying to dismantle every other cryptocurrency project that could be, I don't want to say deemed A threat simply anything that they could simply say was or could be a security and therefore falls on the day or jurisdiction and then find the millions and millions of dollars that's. The last part that's going to come and the reason why I say it's going to shake people out is because people are people already left the cryptocurrency market. Last year, when we had discussions about regulation, the fact we're getting regulations right now, it's not that Syria, because I think we've we've prepared ourselves enough.

But when governments start talking about, especially in other countries, I'm pretty sure you've seen it already locking up people finding people. Other things for holding cryptocurrencies and stuff like that that's gon na be the final shake out before we realize, logically, that in a decentralized world and they decentralize marketplace on a decentralized system, no one controls it. Everyone has a fragment of it, and this will also, I hope, lead to the blossoming of a world where more people understand that they should be running nodes, running full nodes, running lightning nodes on their computers. I'M, not gon na name in the names of any companies. To give any like push towards anything, but I think it's gon na be very important when people realize that there is strength in numbers and that we don't really have to worry about Bitcoin or other properly decentralized coins being dismantled, because you would have to shut off The entire internet or shut off the entire world's electric supply in order to be able to anyway it's happening it's, going to happen. The fact that they're talking about that they're looking into it or potentially the idea of it, something that could be good for them. They wouldn't you wouldn't, release news like this, or have news like this, or have a discussion about this unless you've been talking about it for quite a long amount of time. I assume these things have been in the works for a while, and I assume there are test nets happening, but this is the way the world is going.

Everything is digital and you know without further ado, let's move on. I thought this one was actually quite funny because it just my sentiment about everything Chun ping sau. It was the CEO of BI dance said that the reasons why by Nantz coin dropped over 50 from its all time, high in June, do not make sense so explained that new services, such as margin trading, an increased number of Fiat on ramps peer to peer trading And Futures Trading have made the last quarter very productive with many significant projects coming to fruition. Resultantly the CEO isn't sure why, by Nantz coins, Brice has slumped over the past few months, mentioning the drop in Bitcoin price along other possible reasons. He notedand I do quote there are many possible reasons for it, although none of them make sense to me. Yes, there was a drop in the price of Bitcoin our industry's index. There was some FUD on various things per usual, regardless of all that, I think in my buys view, our results outshine them all. Yet the price of bananas coin did decline. Markets often confuse people even me. Sometimes you might have noticed my confusion during the last six or seven months, the prices of crypto currencies there's. No, I know I've said this about 48 other thousand times, there's no reason for the cryptocurrency market to be down. I I can't imagine what could possibly be going through people's minds. I if I know if I go crazy.

Sometimes i, when i chat with my friends about the the the movements air quotes of the cryptocurrency market and how things aren't really rational. We have very long discussions and it usually just leads to us being incredibly confused more so. The reasoning being crypto in 2015, 16 and 17 was also a very odd place. But when the market got good news, there was always a reaction. The cryptocurrency market doesn't rather put it to you this way. It was widely believed in 2017 that we maybe had around, maybe a million or so people within the cryptocurrency space. Analysts have stated that the entirety of the cryptocurrency space maybe has, between 50 to 75 million people on this planet into crypto that's, a huge jump that's, a huge, dramatic jump of the amount of people who are now interested in the cryptocurrency space. If years ago we had any good news about any coin, the price would shoot up, and I mean get 20 30 40, not even joking. They were really weird days with Bitcoin and kind of just shoot up the fact that we have even more people into Bitcoin. Now the fact that there are less Bitcoin circulating around, in fact the Bitcoin finance coin, XRP ether, many other coins without naming every single one of them have great news all the time and really any bad news and the price is kind of trend sideways. They go down. We get really good news. They go by around 3.

Doesn'T really make a lot of sense. Um mmm. So I guess the point to be made is that if you're confused I'm, just as confused as you are everyone's kind of confused, even a lot of leading analysts are coming forward and they're like yeah. The market doesn't really make any sense like it. You know it's it's, it's it's heavily irrational, but it's still to the point that if you go from let's say a million people to even just 25 million people, one would assume that prices would have reacted accordingly, especiallyand I guess even if it were more so Just focusing on finance coin: this is not fun at into the device or me telling you to buy by Nance coin the amount of stuff that they've done on the on the by Nance platform to ensure that their coin is being used in mass. For every single thing happening on the platform is insane. This is only like a fraction of the stuff that they actually have added to their platform, where you are not required, but I think you get a like, like a rebate or fee rebate, or something like that. When you're, using by Nance Cohen, especially, I think by neskowin, also being added to their to the decentralized exchanges, is so much going on so for prices of any coin to be going down. Logically, don't make a lot of sense. I'Ll get to that conversation towards the end of the video as to what people are saying is going on tying directly directly into this.

Finance has completed its ninth quarterly burn of buy Nance coin. The event involved upwards of two million tokens worth around thirty six million u.s. dollars. This number represents twenty percent of the company's quarterly profit. Considering that the burn served to eliminate by Nance Cohen from circulation. The question is whether or not the price will react. Finance has successfully completed his knife coin, burn two million by Nance coin, Bob, a blah blah blah a pass but buppa buppa, so and so, and so up up up up up up up the point being normally any coin, any a and why any coin that experiences? A coin burn usually jumps in price. When we here imagine a situation where Bitcoin currently has eighteen million coins circulating and someone's like I'm gon na burn five million of them, the price would go insane. This is with this market. Who knows? Finance has a thing for those of you who don't know where they're burning a certain millions of coins every quarter or so on and so forth. I think there's 129 million. Where is it somewhere around here? I think 128 million by Nance Corner are currently circulating and they said that they're going to continue burning them until they have exactly 100 million, and that will be the final number of bye Nance coin, that there will ever be. When you burn two million coin, when you burn 36 million dollars worth of an asset of a coin of something, the price typically reacts.

However, the cryptocurrency marketand it could be a number of reasons why doesn't react and I've spoken with other people before about this, and the discussion was when this this and this happens. This should usually take place, and people have told me. Well maybe the markets. You know really tired: maybe the markets fatigued, maybe people just aren't in to buy Nance coinmaybe people just aren't into Bitcoin and I'm like I, I think a lot of people tend to think of the cryptocurrency market in a them centric fashion. Like the discussions that me and my friends have that's our world of cryptocurrency, the discussions you and your friends might have that's also another world we tend to for some reason discount or not really count in the hundreds of millions of other people, even slamming it down. The 50 million other people who are into crypto currencies right now that they are also going to react in certain ways. So a lot of the market, especially recently hasn't, been making a lot of sense, no matter what good news that we get, especially even if we're in some type of a trading range. Even if news is greatand I mean really really goodwill break out of the trendwill go up or will go down depending on how ridiculous the market is feeling that day. But for some reason the market keeps trending in a certain manner, which doesn't really make any sense, because remember at the beginning of 2018 was a great year for news.

It was incredible. Every day was wonderful. The only bad news that we had was countries talking about banning crypto currencies and none of them ended up doing it 2019. A lot of the companies in whatever whoever was into the cryptocurrency. They stopped giving exceptionally great news from around the first two, three or four months. It was more like a very lull period. Things were happening, things were taking place, but the moment the prices started going back up and companies or anyone started, giving really good news about partnerships, and so and so, and so prices would always only move by around three to four percent, which doesn't really make a Lot of sense, and even considering the the movements of of the stock market like companies can have reports that they had twenty million twenty five thirty five something million in profits and the price will move at seven, eight, nine ten percent and continue trending up over the Course of a couple weeks, finance can announce that they burned two million coins and their their profits have surpassed 1 billion dollars, and the price goes down how we get news about all these updates and upgrades and partnerships and stuff like that from any other coins and The price goes up and it's, not even more and I'm, so glad part of me is actually really glad that this is happening across the entire cryptocurrency space and I'll. Explain why? Because, for some reason, people within the cryptocurrency space you can hate or like whatever coin you want or don't like what's blah blah blah blah blah or whatever.

If this coin goes up by 3 percentand this coin goes down by 4 percent, the situation that we had in 2017 and 2018 is that everyone kept on thinking that someone else's coin was just where it was what was more more terrible than their coin. So the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market is going down at the exact same time, I think, is a very humbling period for a lot of people within the cryptocurrency space I'm sure this is going to change the moment. There'S one coin: 1 coin within the top 10 that ends up going up by around 30, while the other coins aren't we're gon na. Have these same discussions once again about people having to try and remain humble because your coin is going up even other people's coins. Aren'T it's a long discussion. The market doesn't make any sense, I'm, very glad that other people are also confused right now, as well I'm, hoping that this time next year we have a very different market I'm, hoping that we end up in a situation where we can even look back at this And laugh and go haha wow what a terrible market, because it doesn't make a lot of sense right now. I the only thing. The only thing only thing I think that will move the market is a huge rise in Bitcoin, a huge rise and something else that causes the rest of the market to also kind of follow it and for us to have an actual bull run.

Market. Huge movement up because everything, the good news always just gets absorbed very rapidly by the market. Things go up by two three four or five percent and then within about six hours, the coins are back down, not very logical at all. Next up institutional crypto investment giant grayscale has released its third quarter report for 2019, revealing a surge of Wall Street interest in Bitcoin and etherium. Grayscale offers a series of trusts that allow institutions to gain exposure to Bitcoin and ether XRP, be cash, litecoin, lumens, zette cash and zen cash. The firm's latest report shows an exponential growth in Bitcoin and ether that began early this year. They said a quarter billion dollar inflows marked the strongest demand for grayscales products. Since the inception, increased tripled quarter, inflows tripled quarter over quarter from 84 to 254 million, despite recent declines in digital market asset prices. If you want to talk about confusion, imagine a world where we have price metrics and if I can see this properly, this says 7th October 2018. Imagine a world where we know for certain that hundreds of millions of dollars have been pushed into grayscale and yet the cryptocurrency prices don't really react. Imagine a world where we know that institutions are buying up Bitcoin ether classic said cash aetherium even be cash XRP. Like coin evens in cash and lumens and for some reason, prices just don't go up it's, a weird conundrum isn't. The word it's it's, like a what what what's what's going on with the market kind of thing, because grayscale is not the only company this large within the cryptocurrency space.

Like I said previously, I think they now control old custody around 2 of all the Bitcoin. In the world that's not to even mention the other amounts of crypto currencies over here that they're also custody when we get news from by Nance from Gemini from coinbase from greyscale from the other institutional places, custody things yada, yada yada that are also you know, they're In possession of 1 billion in crypto, 800 million 3 percent of this coin so and so and so and even it is it just meand maybe I maybe I'm missing something, because normally if you don't have facts about something you can only kind of speculate. But the speculation gets washed away when you have actual numbers from companies who tax aliy, not a word have to be transparent, with that the amount of money that they're actually holding and if I'm, not also mistaken. This says also weekly inflows, and this is per week. The amount of money that's flowing into grayscale why our cryptocurrency price is so low. Why isn't the market reacting? Why aren't normal everyday people, also people who've, been in the cryptocurrency space for a while? Why is everyone waiting? I assure you, what's going to happen is when prices do start to go up in skyrocket and Bitcoin goes from where ever it is right now to 12000 to 14000 back down to 8000 and back up to 16000 people are going to be. Rushing the buy as much Bitcoin as humanly possible, but no one seems to be doing it.

While prices are low. I'M. Hmm we're getting this news all the time that institutions are heavily into cryptocurrencies are into the Bitcoin into the so and so into the blah blah blah. But I have a feeling: don't don't tell people how much you have. Please never do that, especially not on the Internet. Let me know in the comments section over the last, I want to say three months as prices have been trending oddly sideways, if you have been buying crypto and more so how often you've been buying crypto? Has it been daily, has it been weekly? Has it been every other week? Has it been once a month don't put any amounts, don't put what you you know. I have 95 Bitcoin just put what coins you have and if you have been buying them and in what frequency I'm constantly shocked to have a lot of other friends who are really into the cryptocurrency space. And when I ask them, if they've been buying, they kind of gave me like a shrug and going on I'm waiting and I go. What are you waiting for just waiting I'm like? Are you waiting for the prices to go up? Are you do you think that bitcoin is at some point going to fall back down to 3000, like what's the what's, the wait for I kind of want to say? I know that they're definitely people out there who are without a doubt buying, but I wonder why prices don't react and have a very strong feeling that it has to do with that.

Be 95 percent of people who may not be millionaires and or billionaires just simply. Aren'T buying because they're waiting for rich people to tell them when to buy very, very odd my opinion, as always to kind of finish things off ripple, says: MoneyGram, CEO Alexander Holmes will highlight to the impact of digital assets and blockchain technology at the company's upcoming swell Conference in Singapore, two companies partnered the two companies partnered in July, with ripple buying 30 million dollars worth of shares of MoneyGram. Money, Graham, is implementing ripples on demand. Liquidity solution, previously known as X, rapid, which uses X R P to power cross border payments. In a recent hearings call holes talked about the company's early expiry with xrp. He said I am so excited to announce today that MoneyGram is now live and transacting on the ripple ex rapid platform. We started executing trades earlier this week and all signs point to this. Being a tremendously beneficial relationship for all parties involved, we are literally settling currencies in seconds and, to quote my friend Larry, this is really cool, regardless of how you might feel about a coin or even more so honestly, XRP the fact that MoneyGram is using and it's Not even that they're using just the you know the other services they're using XRP, an XR peace price hasn't gone up. Please don't have a conversation about bankster coin. Don'T have a conversation about so and so don't have a conversation about.

There are too many coins. All that stuff's been washed away in 2017 and 2018 if you're still in 2015. I don't really know how to help you at this point. We are in a very active market. We are seeing crypto currencies adopted in Mass. Did you think, four years ago that one of the largest money remittance platforms on this planet MoneyGram, everyone knows monogrammed, everyone has walked to buy at least 300 money grams in their life, driven by one you've, seen the sign they're officially using X, RP and the price Of X, RP is not moving. We know that there are institutions were buying huge amounts of these coins, and none of them are reacting to any of the good news. Do you understand in two thousand sixteen or seventeen? If we had wind that MoneyGram was going to be using xrp, the price would have skyrocketed. If we had news in 2017 that MoneyGram was using x, RP x, RP would have become the number one coin. If you doubt my saying so at one point any points x, RP was the number two coin. Mathematically actually mmm another discussion, the point being. It would have risen over five six seven dollars at the time when Bitcoin was low enough and it would have become the number one coin. We are in a very irrational market, it's difficult. Sometimes I won't lie it's difficult to keep your head down and kind of just pay attention to what's going on, but across the board.

Something very odd is taking place. The only thing I can simply once again say is that people must be pushing down the prices or deflecting. Is that a thing making people pay attention to other things that aren't really as important? Why they accumulate these coins don't be shocked at all the next ten years, if governments start coming forward and talking about how much they hold as far as a reserved or as some type of a what's. The word like to deter, I can't think of the word. Buying buying Bitcoin, as if it was gold, don't, be surprised at all if, wherever you live, your government, whatever announces that they hold this much Bitcoin, this much ether, it's much XRP this much light coin, and we figure out that this entire time they were also buying Up coins as well, I feel like something is definitely taking place because it doesn't make any sense. It'S, like I can't, even think of anything I honestly can't I'm I'm at a loss of logic, at least right now, as always a very special thank you to my patreon supporters, professor Wally from gun bot University Todd, Mullis, Adam gracyk, moja, Maroney, master ventures in Thailand. Brady Nields woody and Daisy Triple M and J Jaron Eider. Why is that? Our two for two to the world crypto Joe bankroll Network adobo mill, Luisi mechanic, strange radio, central crypto artists, cold III, decrypt Apple, this Nikolas North one piece; one love Damian, setsuna, Nick Kanaya, Richie, Rich 23 of laddie and paler crypto beer, shipmate paksas, Nick modular buddy, Anthony Charles Jim Gardner, Jeremy Fox minting coins, Miller hitch, test everyday and conscripts leg day, yes to Krypton, boaty mcboatface.

Thank you all very, very much for your support. At the moment, the markets in the red not completely in the red some coins are trying to move themselves up. However, bitcoin is down once again. I we we have to be. We have to it's a must at this point. We have to be in some sort of trading range once again, the last two weeks, Bitcoin has not gone above eighty two hundred and has never gone below. Seventy nine hundred, or rather I think it hits 78 96 somewhere around there. It seems we are in another really weird range. The interesting part is that the movements are seem to be happening. A lot quicker. I don't think that we're going to meet in another June situation, where it took from June July August to September for prices. To finally start moving, it seems that the up and downs are a lot more frequent, at least over the last couple of days. You can even see right here for some reason: Bitcoin fell down within the last two hours. Why did Bitcoin fall down within the last? Two hours, no one knows maybe one person knows. Maybe a group of people know as to why this movement went down. There is nothing in the news that should be causing Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency right now to fall down. None of them by Nance coin is currently bound by 2.3. 7 EOS is down by four point. One: seven anything else really crazy out there nope, but everything is in the red.

Doesn'T really make a lot of sense. What was the other one? Zero X was up about 50 percent, currently down by nine point. Three seven percent. Ah, I feel, like I don't, know honestly, have no idea. It is very interesting. There are a couple of things that we're going to actually have to discuss towards the end of this month. There were a lot of calculations made as to where the market would be during this month. A couple of things have yet to come. True what's, even weirder is the amount of analysts who are now hmm kind of discussing that the market really isn't reacting the way that they thought it would because something I don't know something has to be happening. I know I keep saying it but I'm sure I'm, not the only one who feels this as well like. When was the last time that we had like really bad detrimental news. Bitcoin hasn't slowed down X, our P's being adopted aetherium is going to be upgraded there. Multiple companies constantly building on top of ether litecoin is usually in the news. Even the news that we get is a negative it's. Like many many partnerships Shelley's coming soon for card on. Oh, I think Tron is still being adopted as a super gaming platform. We know that IBM is going to be using this tell illumines blockchain, I think EOS 2.0 just came out like there's. Only been good news. I Oda has like 45 that's weird iota has so many partnerships with car companies.

It'S daily trading volume is 4 million u.s. dollars, and these partnerships have been confirmed, they're, not even like a we're in talks with them. Hopefully it works out. We know that they're working with at least five companies Webb announced that they're going to be using the ver, tango or their token or their for their cars and Ford charging. The cars very very even Tasos, is down to 11 million in trading volume. Well, I was um III hope you all in some way enjoyed. Hope you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon a great evening wherever you are wherever you might be. I do hope it's, absolutely fantastic. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening um. If you've made it this far, I hope my computer has made it this far. I'Ve come to the decision I'm going to have to get a new computer really really soon it's still working fine, like my current computer, is working fine, but apparently everything that I'm doing on it is far too intensive, so yeah I was also thinking of starting a Second channel and I'm going to need a more powerful computer for that so yeah. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening, and I will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you you


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  2. I’m buying but less regularly now that I’ve reached my goals. Mostly bitcoin. 90 plus percent. A little Xrp. And even less Eth. That’s it. Also the price is above my dollar cost average rn so I’m not interested in raising that figure, especially since I’ve put a higher percentage of my net worth than I initially intended. If the price goes below that avg I’ll consider buying more to lower it.

    • Wrong mindset think of new buys as new positions and think of holding those positions even longer I only say this because I think bitcoin will reach a high price point within 2 years

    • @james drake ML put in more than he can handle losing. It could go up, its likely to go up, but it might go down, and he can’t afford to lose his fiat investment. Some people can’t go all in on really weird stuff like crypto, even if you are sure of it.

    • Yo I’m kinda with youI understand how hard it is to see your hard earn money dwindle right in front of you but, man just think if you keep buying while it’s down..smh..the rewards will make up for it.


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