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  2. ETC is the security for the layer. Ethereum has utility, but it’s also the fiat version for what was once a ‘shared desire for immutability’yet ETC/ETH are functioning as a technical pair w some inherent interoperability.

    This is also where the economic gravity comes in for both of them, and you have institutional fluid dynamics w AI market programs hiding the true gems w the real market-movers and their manipulation of these bullish/bearish trends. This is a fact w the NYSE and it’s why decentralizing the market structure via crypto is so tantalizing, but I digress.

    If you look into the partnerships with governments like Estonia/fintech/Hanson robotics and other ethereum enterprise alliance advocatesyou’ll see that ETC has quite a bit of power due to its hugeee following and the unwillingness to reverse the DAO hack, which allowed it to hold onto the economic gravity of those who value immutability. Ethereum classic is technically the original smart contract backbone that we see functioning via ERCsthe fork outcome just shows where the mindset is via economic gravity and where these buyers/sellers are (for now) — fundamentals are shared via these two camps that are interoperable stand-alone groups of value proposition (characteristics that contribute to the progress of crypto overall)

  3. The two problems are
    GreedOnly short term profits are rewarded not long term growth.

    EthicsDo ANYTHING to make profits, destroy other countrys economy, poison water of population, anything including breaking the law to obtain profits.

  4. Is India banning crypto currency and or blockchain networks? Because what's the story with Jio the Indian telecom company building a hugh blockchain network for 330 million customers 🙈🤔


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