Literally All You Need to Know about Mnuchin Speech on Cryptocurrencies

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Steven Mnuchin on Cryptocurrencies:


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comentario (45)

  1. Let's give the power to facebook (who sold your data and look Cambridge Analytica)e 25 other companies.. sounds great as well, either way both sides are pure messalso if you defend Libra you literally are defending the equivalent of a big bank

  2. thanks CT, very nicely done, though I think most of us woke already knew how to read between the lines on this one. Crooks one and all. I can't help but think of George Orwells quote of a vision of the future, " Would you like to see a vision of the future? Imagine a boot stomping on the face of a human, forever".

  3. first of all the dog killed me what an adorable dog! second: i think you made very clear with all those headline witch also made me laugh that hypocriet is the word we can use

    thank you have a nice day!

  4. Yup and he wants to protect the legacy financial system so that they continue to enjoy 100% scamming rights over the public and to not allow the new gang in town (crypto scammers) to cut into the financial system's territory. So obvious.

  5. Ha ha ha ha your right on with the banks and governments true disregard for law and rule when it applies to themthey only want to keep us under their thumb of control which is why they have no idea of what to do with digital assets without fully revealing their true racketgreat info love the news headlines during audiobetter than watching Steve avoid questions anyway

  6. Hahaha!! Brilliant video, Heidi. The US financial system is indeed protected from (its own) fraud. All they pay are fines, no compensation for their victims. No JAIL TIME. The financial world is just as scammy and rough-and-tumble as the crypto world!

  7. Thank you for continuing your due diligence on this, Heidi. Banks are getting called on their bluffs (as seen in the background with of all the recent scandals! Lmao). While I don't like the Libra co-op, I enjoy watching FB & Big Banks fight each other. Meanwhile real, decentralized cryptos are chugging along and are going to subvert this system anyway.
    "Bad actors" lol! That is pot calling the kettle black. They can't regulate the actors inside the system already. What they're "protecting" is their vested interest in this old, corrupt system.

  8. The "bad actors" are the banks who are and have been, without stop, laundering drug cartel moneyfor decades.
    But nowall of the sudden, they want to get righteous against Digital Assets.
    I think I know who needs to go to prison.

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