Ripple lawsuit is amended utilizing SEC Guidance document. Ripple has to respond soon. Does this new document ensure XRP is a security? Let’s take a look at the SEC guidance document and find out.

SEC Guidance:

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  1. In my opinion, the things list are just responsibility for the company . If they did not execute these the currency may sell off but if they do their job correctly that alone is not what drives the price up. Its demand for use has a lot more to do with the price. There is a lot of supply but demand will drive the price NOT what the accuser is saying drives price.

  2. Nearly everything mentioned could apply to every coin other than btc. EVERY coin is being held with expectation of profit other than stable coins. You should do a video on the top 5-10 coins and see how many satisfy each requirement like you just did for xrp. Would be educational and help investors

  3. Ripple not using XRP for it price to be higher. Would they like it to b higher of course. They said it b4, want it higher for the xrp use case not as on investment.

    Don’t hurt ur head too much George. This will play out in the end🤫🤫.

    Nuls a security😳😳.

  4. XRP is a utility token, not a security. There are other use cases out there for XRP besides the Ripple products. Ripple just happens to use XRP with a few of it's software products. There is a ton of information out there on this "security" debate. Ripple will win this lawsuit.

  5. Ripple has a strong working product which will only grow larger and spread bigger, they are not interested in the hype around crypto rather they are slowly implementing their system into the real world. Great asset to hold.

  6. 1 XRP is not a share of Ripple or any other companies. End of story. Lots of noise to excite BTC maxis. I love this lawsuit. I'm filling my bags every week. At the end of this masquarade, when XRP is not declare a security, it will just blast off into stratosphere. PS: George, your argument that XRP investors are expecting to make a profit therefore it could be called a security is applicable to ANY crypto. Are you buying bitcoins because you just like collecting them? 🤔


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