Google Destroys Left-Leaning Crypto Site CCN | Stokesy & Stoner Show Ep.7

In this episode of the Stokesy & Stoner Crypto Show, we take a look at a breaking story from CCN, which have just announced they are shutting down due to a huge change in Google’s traffic algorithm being updated.

We then take a look at some comments from Adam around India’s confusion over what to do with Cryptocurrency legislation, and Adam also takes a look at an interesting new project called.

We follow up with our coin picks for the week, which includes commentary over whether Litecoin will continue its meteoric rise.

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Self-Destructing Currency: BOMB

Reserve Bank of India Denies Involvement in Draft Bill to Ban Cryptocurrencies

Employers Can Now Pay Salaries in Ether Via Crypto Startup Bitwage

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Comment (12)

  1. What do you guys think about the crack-down on CCN? Do you think this is part of a broader strategy to level the playing field with politically oriented media companies? Let me know what you think in the comments!

  2. I like this TalkBack between you two bro this is a good format keep up the good work excellent makes me think even more not just about crypto but about what's going on in the world but with this great mindset that you both bring Choice Bro

  3. Brilliant thanks for a great content. There are many of us that agree with you about freedom of speech and how hard it is to find good unbiased news. There is bad on both sides. I got into cryptos because of the decentralization I hope people wake up and adopt to get rid of the banks. Of course we are in for a fight.

  4. Bomb is obviously a scam. People are only buying it because of the gimmick. It's similar to proof of weak hands, you can call that a "social experiment" too, it's just a gimmick used for pump and dump.


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