GRIN COIN REVIEW 😁 Fork Upcoming 😁 Mimblewimble Explained

Meet Grin – the private and lightweight mimblewimble blockchain. In this video review, I will tell you what is grin, what is mimblewimble, and how Grin is similar to Bitcoin, loved by cypherpunks, ensures your privacy, and could be the next bitcoin…

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IWhat Happens if Satoshi Sells His Bitcoin? Why Satoshi’s 1,000,000 $BTC Don’t Matter…

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Comment (16)

  1. Andreas antonopoulos talks highly of grin too. So then I swapped my shit coins on Kucoin for grin. Now I'd like to put it in the Grin++ wallet for some forking coins but kucoin is saying "chode update" when trying to withdrawl. Anyone know if kucoin is supporting this nice and hard fork or what's wrong with their chode?

  2. So I had I thought. I held on throw the bear market.. and I remember every youtuber saying when btc was 3200 that the bulls won’t swoop in until all the weak hands are shaken out.. and until the retail investors like me who are still holding on finally give up.. that’s when they come in. Well I love bitcoin, and I have a chunk of alts.. but think about this.. most of the moon and Lambo boys I know are way too heavy on alts. What if the bear market only ended for bitcoin, and whales are pumping it as they smother the alts. I’m mostly betting on btc right now but it wouldn’t make sense to not have an alt season with at least the top 50.. everyone was bearish on btc when I was buying at 3200 and that’s when btc popped. Alt season won’t come until the moon and lambo boys denounce their alts.

  3. I luv the thought of privacy and security, but those features are anathema to governments!!! Prob wud have to use a VPN to keep the feds off ur back.

  4. That last image had a major flaw. GRIN has two mining algos.. so one is GPU friendly and forked for anti asics.. other is ASIC friendly. As far as I know its planned so the asic friendly algo will get more % rewards as time passes… grin devs opinion is that asics are unavoidable and its planned into the project. In that regard Monero is doing a better job in decentralizing miningpower.


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