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  1. WTF!? You compare apples with cherries!!! Bitmex has been around since 2014 and the VanEck's New BTC Trust Assets since one week?
    Sorry, but what should be serious about such statements and stupid comparisons?? … Is that one of the reasons, why you had to delete all content from your German channel?

  2. Even if the ETF makes BTC moon there is still little to no real adoption. Lightning network is showing its weakness. Lightning network was very shortsighted imo. LN code comes from the internet and not Bitcoin code. Bitcoin has proven itself to be the most secure system on the planet with the ransom hacks. Lightning network is a counterparty risk to Bitcoin. If it fails. LN. its gonna stain BTC reputation. And its all because its top down and doesnt actually use the Bitcoin code at all. No bueno.

  3. Wow finally, someone drew that (symmetrical) triangle correctly 👍by being consistent and connecting the wicks! Other inconsistent traders have drawn a descending triangle connecting the wicks on top and then chose to connect bodies on the bottom, which is not a consistent way of drawing multiple trendlines to form a pattern. 🤦 Either stick with wicks (liquidity range) or stick with bodies (final close of prices).

  4. It cant be a symetrical triangle, since this time we havent touched the top trendline and the bottom resistance is incorrectly drawn. Either you deraw from wick to wick or from candle to candle, not mixing both.

  5. Hi, habe mal eine allgemeinen Themenvorschlag. Was gensu ist der Unterschied an der physischen Settelung von Bakkt? Nach meiner Recherchen unterscheidet es sich eben von den CME Futures und Plus 500 dass Bitcoin selbst eingezahlt wird und nicht Fiat verwendet wird um auf Bitcoin zu wetten. Im Prinzip sollte Bakkt doch dann so wie Bitmex funktionieren wo BTC eingezahlt wird nur dass Bakkt reguliert ist? Würde mich über eine kurze Antwort freuen und vllt ist es ja sogar ein kurzes Thema in einem Video wert, denn ich höre immer wieder dass Bitmex als Gegenteilig von Bakkt dargestellt wird, was eben doch nicht richtig sein dürfte, sondern die CME Futures müssten da als negatives gegenteiliges Beispiel herangezogen werden?

  6. I reckon that descending or symmetrical triangles are not always perfect. But we can see a steeper move on lower highs vs. the shallow move of higher lows. So my guess is that the higher probability is to the downside short term.

  7. There is a leg down then up before the descending triangle started, June 26th to july 2ndit's a continuation of that first leg down, lets not see what we want to see but what the chart is doing folks. .. it could still break upward, but this is a descending triangle.. and even if it is a symmetrical triangle it started after a leg DOWN (again june 26th to july 2nd) which would make it bearish.

  8. It's not a fully symmetrical triangle nor is it a real descending triangle because we are seeing higher lows. What matters is that the descending slope is steeper than the ascending slope of the triangle, so that means bears are a bit more eager to sell than bulls are to buy. Thus the pattern has a slightly bearish bias. That said we have to look at the fundamental context too which is very bullish, and the longer term trend is clearly up so even if we break down from this triangle it's very likely the 200 day moving average will prevent the price going much lower than $8k and I think it will end up as a huge bear trap that will spring much quicker than anyone expects.

  9. The breakout will happen within the next 10 daysno more room between falling wedge and 128 DMA (vertex at 10K).
    This is the more important consolidation formation.

  10. Protecting the retail investor? Joke. Thanks to SEC , people can trade options in their IRA's, a concept that was unthinkable given the SEC's fiduciary responsibilities.

  11. Sunny, a Gold ETF mattered and was different because of the difficulty involved in trading gold would be ridiculous. Without the ETF you would have to physically buy gold and sell it. With BTC, this is different. You can already trade it electronically. Unless BAKT has more volume than anything that already exists, the price is not going to rally like gold. While I do believe BTC will eventually go much higher, I think the reason for it will be adoption and people wanting to own some, rather than trade it. Remember, you can already trade BTC and hold it electronically without any need for an ETF.


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