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  1. Is there any chance you can take a look at the BLX . Its about to turn red :O wich predicted massive sell offs for a while now. Very curious what you have to say about it! 😀

  2. Dan,I like your content but 199 for your essential candlesticks course seems a little steep.Can you plz explain what you get with that course,and how much is your membership? Thx Glenn

  3. Yeah Coinbase (Pro) really dropped the ball on that fee structure thingthey added more coins but added fees. They are still behind Binance in coins, and Binance is cheaper now if you use BNB to pay your fees. Keep up the objective work! I think the botton was in during Decemberonly time will tell. Most markets I have been in a good number of people waited for a bottom and finally realized it came and went months earlier. Crypto is no different. I trade with Bittrex at times too.

  4. Nicely done, Bitcoin has just hit and surpassed its high of $4,201 since February this year and even briefly crossed the $5,000 mark and this could mean a good thing for us traders and hodlers alike. The possibility is quite high that, we would gradually or rapidly ride the bulls up to the next significant strong resistance of $6,100. Great for us all if that happens and we must all be prepared for whatever outcome presents itself by finding a way to increase our portfolio in advent of the much expected bull run. Two ways to do this is by using a strategy called dollar cost average to buy and accumulate which has its merits and demerits or by buying a fair amount and rapidly increasing by trading which of course has its merits as well. A word of caution, trading is highly profiting and can return as much as 400% as profit depending on your trade frequency but do this only if you are extremely good at both technical analysis and chart/news reading or, enlist the assistance of a professional who offers services in signals and strategies. There are a number of them but i am most comfortable with Mauricio Pierce reason is, his system is easy to adopt and his signals are extremely accurate. I have used his guidance several times and i have no regrets. You want a successful trader as a guide because you can easily copy his successes. you reach mauricio by mail ( Mauriciopierce8@gmail com and he'll be glad to put you on his program and help you make good profits)

  5. Definitely fell off watching these but good to be back checking in with you on what happened overnight and the EMA golden cross we saw on LTC. Cheers and hope to see you more often!

  6. For those who don't know (Danmaybe shout it out in the next video?)

    Coinbase has been doing an initiative to educate people about their new cryptocurrencies called "Coinbase Earn". It has a simple premisethey give you a couple questions (most are 3) and a 1-3min video for each question. Get the question right and you get free crypto. Excluding referral bonusesI got $25 for about 20 minutes of quizzes. You can find these on

    Danplease remove this comment if this next part is not allowed.

    XLM has a reference part as well. Send up to 4 people your Coinbase Earn link for them to do the XLM section and each person and the referrer gets $10. My link is

  7. I see this as a Tax run. Watch how quickly this drops. I suggest you look what the prices were back at April of last year. Those are your historical resistance and bearish points.

  8. I hear that some people are saying this is a elliot B wave and we will dump.
    I dont think that will be happening i feel that all of these indicators are strange, and rather keep it simple, the trend has clearly shifted for BTC, just as it has done for ALOT of alts already, this was deemed to happen, but still the bears are calling for lower lows, who knows, they might be right.

  9. My comment on binance as a trading platform, when the market is stable i dont find a problem. But when the market is moving fast and in the midst of bull breaks, you will find it hard to even log onto the servers.
    They have had a problem with this since i joined in march 2017.

  10. One of the only real TA youtuber who is actually reading the charts without speculating about the price/direction of a break but just calculating odds.

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