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  1. Karen Maynard plays with IQ options like it’s nothing, I was reluctant when I was first introduced to her and she told him to sacrifice the least amount of $100 to her and see what she does after a week, I got a sum of $650 worth of bitcoin in my wallet, I have been recycling ever since and I have an investment of $7000 with her currently

  2. I'm no expert in trading but have made $5,500 with $500 investment. I had good guidance with Dr Karen Maynard's and her team it is beyond eye opening with these teachings and trading skill, I have nothing but continued success. Feel free to contact her on her email <karenmaynardco @ gmail. com

  3. I’m very confident trading with either Karen Maynard tradings because of steady income she makes for me. she has never faltered. I never thought I would grow such profit over a moderate period.

  4. I had to sell everything I just couldn’t take it anymore now I’m living a better life I just keep coming back to the Channels hopeing bitcoin didn’t reach its all time high and it didn’t 🙌 now I can get some rest 😂😂😂

  5. People who complain about the price they bought at ATH or a shitcoin. If you belive in the project and they will do their thing and complete their roadmap the money will come. Patience is key

  6. I made a point on the Yahoo finance app that it made no sense to invest in Cardano and that they should be putting their money in the top 3 coins. In came the arguments that I was short sighted, that Cardano was poised to explode ect. That was 2 months ago and since then Cardano has lost about 50% of it's value.


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