Extreme Fear in the Bitcoin Markets – Opportunity?

Extreme Fear in the Bitcoin Markets – Opportunity?

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  1. FEAR? 16 trillion in negative yielding debt around the world, 73 nations currencies at all time lows when valued VS gold current price , many countries lowering their interest rates at the same time. Yield inversions around the world. It's why these alternative stores of wealth are catching bids, gold, silver, crypto's. Keep your eyes on the big picture. Should probably fear holding FIAT currencies that are been abused.

  2. Nice video. No matter where Bitcoin price is, I never sell more than 50-75% of my Bitcoin in case it goes up. I would hate to sell all my Bitcoin at $10,000 only for it to go to $100,000 without stopping. The same strategy should be used by everyone: If you decide to sell some Bitcoin, always hold a good amount of Bitcoin in case it is priceless in the future.

    As for the Bitcoin price, I can't say for sure where it will go, but I know there is a very good chance we will probably be at leastover 20k by 2020 due to Bitcoin halving.

  3. Its kicking off boys and girls. CNBC have just discussed big recession next year. AND they mentioned BTC, and the advice was to put 5% of your wealth in BTC as a hedge. Watch the vid. Today is the first day that mainstream media have started talking huge recession with no relief apart from Gold and BTC.

  4. It appears to me that bitcoin isn't a safe haven asset after all. Bitcoin tanking with the stock markets on recession fears. Dollar is still psychologically the safe haven along with gold and silver. Gold, silver, and US tbills (dollar) all up today, while stock markets and cryptocurrencies tank.

  5. Good to see Bitpanda at the endbeen with them five months. Good layout, easy wallet access, haven't traded on their new exchange yet but would recommend anybody having problems elsewhere to check them out. Not governed by U.S fed scrutinybased in Austria, europe.

  6. All the positive news about XRP, their partnerships, momentum, and global potential, and the shit just dumps! WTF? Any news about XRP is a complete waste of time to watch, and totally worthless> I'm unsubing from all XRP Channels! The news just don't matter!

  7. Argentine Stock collapse 2019, Argentina 48% inflation 2017, Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, USA/UK/EU banking crises 2008, USA Gold confiscation 1933 – 🧞‍♂️

    Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto such as Litecoin or Bitcoin to spread risk as well as secure your assets


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