RECORD Oversold ConditionsThe Real Reason Bitcoin Dumps?

RECORD Oversold ConditionsThe Real Reason Bitcoin Dumps?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.


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  1. With this in mind Telecoin has been created to provide users freedom and fair governance, whilst giving a secure and private medium of transaction.

    With a network that supports master node capabilities, Telecoin understands that for those who support and help to strengthen the network, a fair reward system should be implemented to give back to the projects community.

    The aim is to create a network based on a fair and trust-less interactions, whilst rewarding those who help to maintain, grow and contribute towards the future development and growth of infrastructure.

  2. I love that you include the economic issues as they are highly relevant. Everything, including crypto, will take a hit. It's the recovery period that will matter the most and a race on what will prevail as an alternative to the good old fiat.

  3. For all the "gap boys" out thereknow this! the CME gaps don't a) NEED to get filled & b) can take years before a gap does get filled. Albeit, I can't think of a scenario I'd want to see it filled years from now.. the fact remains.

  4. And what came after that historic dump..? True or fud doesn't matter, BTC will eat it allall of the ponzi design
    Great content, as usual ^^

  5. 0:41 "there has to be a greater reason for this (historic dump)".

    Well, if this years "bull market" which began on April 1st was entirely fueled by iFinex panicking and printing out Tether, the price was artificially increased to the point it is today and will naturally fall back to where it was before they, and others, began heavily manipulating the price of Bitcoin this year.

    Prior to the Bitcoin market increasing this year there was just the news that Samsung adopted a coin called Enjin for their wallet.

    But nothing else really happened that would justify the price of Bitcoin increasing.

    No new investors, no old enthusiasts getting back into crypto, no institutional interest, no technological advancements, or anything which really fundamentally validates any sort of price increase for Bitcoin.

    If the market price increased exclusively due to manipulation, of course it's going to eventually run out of steam and crash.

    It was too soon for a bull market, anyway.

    Too many people got rekt and still remember it all too well.

    Never mind the fact that Bitcoin is centralized to megalithic mining corporations in China.

    When they start feeling an economic squeeze and those corporations have to start paying more for electricity, they're going to start downsizing. And the Bitcoin market is going to go down with them.

  6. One of my best indicators for the last two years to tell me when we are at bottoms or tops is when the futures contracts on bitmex, like the december one for example is way over extended, by about 5% on either side depending on the type of trend. So being that right now we are on a bear trend and the december contracts are still about $200 more than the perpetual contracts, we still have quite a ways to go down before a trend reversal. Anyway thats my 2 cents.

  7. If BTC going bearish I don't care because it's going Bull anyway, so GOLD is another to think about for my next investment, the value never go down a lot, this video just showed how GOLD is a must, thanks CD!!

  8. Drops because it's dropping, if it makes sense to you. People who bought it thought it could be a hedge for equities, something like gold on cocaine. It worked first time, but second, guess what, it didn't and panic installed.

  9. I'll be glad when everybody realizes that Bitcoin is not a stock and does not have to play by the same rules as all the bullshit we've been conditioned to believe about how the stock market must move. The CME is paper nothing, let them worry about filling their own gaps with all that paper nothing. I won't fill it with my Bitcoin.


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