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New York Among 13 States Excluded as Binance.US Opens for Registrations
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse rejects accusations that his company manipulates XRP price in an interview today with CNN anchor Julia Chatterley.
RippleNet is expanding into Pakistan: Faysal Bank adopts Ripple’s blockchain technology
CFTC Taps Coinbase Lawyer to Head Division Overseeing Bitcoin Futures
Ex-CFTC Chair ‘Crypto Dad’ Giancarlo Joins Digital Chamber Trade Group
BitPay Now Lets Merchants Accept Ethereum’s Cryptocurrency
Israeli Startup Creates Offline Crypto Wallet with Online Connectivity
VanEck, SolidX Withdraw Bitcoin ETF Proposal From SEC Review
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  1. Tony, it's refreshing to hear from you again. Very good content as always.

    Exciting times to be alive and witnessing an emerging asset class that will affect all aspects of our society like the internet did.

    I have one question:

    How can someone being non US resident convert his crypto gains to fiat money ?
    What major exchange safely allow transfering let's say BTC to US dollars in a foreign bank for non US people ? I know Coinbase allows it for US citizens but not to non Americans.

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  5. First licensed Crypto exchange in the middle east opened in Bahrain a couple months ago. Fully licensed and approved by the Central bank of Bahrain to service all of the Middle East. Still very basic offerings but better than nothing and will grow.

  6. Giancarlo is another bought and paid for pawn. don't count on him to do anything constructive. he didn't arrest anybody when all the evidence of the p.m. market manipulation was taking place? Jp morgan @ co. ie Jamie diamond is a crook and should be in jail

  7. Damn good 2 have u back Tony! Idk about any 1 else but I bought the recent dip b4 this fake pump. It was up for about 2days & is dumping again. Gonna buy more on payday hopefully it keeps dumping so I can maximize what little I have to invest. Nice seeing u again my friend. Please keep up the great videos ✌🏽

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