Haha, this is a good one guys. Jamie Dimon who pays himself more than $31 million in salary gets grilled by congresswoman Katie Porter.

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  1. So the correct answer to what she should do was: Sell the car, take public transportation. Rent a two bedroom home, and get a roommate. These changes will reduce her cost by more than $1000 a month.

  2. Jamie Dimon is a hack. Katie Porter is amazing—one of the strongest anti-corruption members of Congress. She wrote a college textbook on finance; she's not putting up with any Big Bank grifter's bullshit!

  3. Next ŁTC Block reward halving is due Summer 2019. Last 2015 halving saw ŁTC up 5XSome Money then moved to Bitcoin which rose 40 per cent.

    Bitcoin Block halving follows 2020! Halving hype on the horizon ………🌬🏝

  4. The American tax system is not conducive for prosperity for low income earners…..the personal deduction should be 40k and each child a 10k tax CREDIT ……maybe if a favorable economic environment was established to promulgate American births there wouldn't be border jumpers as there would be a workforce available right here already part of American culture…..baby boomers screwed everyone………buy DASH

  5. If you are worth that higher amount, you should get it if your boss can afford it. The girl bagging at winn dixie today that put heavier bags on top of the bread, obviously does not! The welfare rejects at mcd's DO NOT!!

  6. As much as I don’t like this guy he’s right when he says that starter jobs are for people fresh out of school trying to buy their first car while still living at home. You better yourself and make more money when your skills are worth more. And yes please stop having kids when you know you can’t afford them. If your making minimum wage at 30yo then you suck as a person and it’s your fault. I quit school in tenth grade and was making six figures when I was 28yo. Because I tried and worked hard and made it happen. I want people to do better but blaming other will not help.


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