Cardano(ADA) added to Binance platform! and Coinbase listing soon??

Cardano(ADA) added to Binance platform! and Coinbase listing soon??
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Comment (12)

  1. Charles explicitly stated in an interview that he signed an NDA with coinbase so he could not discuss listing info regarding coinbase so there is no ? coinbase will list ADA. coinbase doesn't list until the platform is decentralized which is why ADA has not been listed yet, but once Shelley is live they will list. With Phase 2 Shelley testnet staking will be live (real money/production) so there is a chance they might list it then

  2. Does anyone here want to try a great exchange besides Binance since it's temporarily closing trading/buying to U.S. customers on September 12th? If so I would highly recommend to try Kucoin exchange and for a solid investment opportunity,to look into buying Kucoin exchange coin. To anyone still interested I'll list just a few key reasons below about just why I firmly believe in Kucoin.
    1) It's well trusted,firmly established exchange and has a crystal CLEAR use case unlike most alts out there.. People will always need Good exchanges and exchange coins will go up when the market grows and people use them more.
    2)It's the best exchange out there, only 2nd to Binance imo,(just barely tho) and it's arguably safer with more security protocols in place, plus it offers some great alts even Binance doesn't offer like Elastos for example.
    3)It pays out dividends DAILY in Kucoin just for holding it and those dividends rise as the coin price and the market rises so your holdings and money will increase in 2 different ways,it's definately good to HODL coins that provide passive income just for having them.
    4)It has a VERY low supply lower than Binance and currently over the next 2 months is doing a coin burn so that alone will raise the price soon. Do the math,a reliable,trusted exchange, lower supply than Binance,current price is about $1.50, Binance is over $20.. There's definately way more potential for big gains with Kucoin and it's a safer bet because Binance coin could easily drop alot lower and Kucoin will stay steady around $1-2 if the market stays bearish and could easily skyrocket to $20+ if we go bullish.
    5) Like I stated earlier Binance is temporarily closing trading to U.S. customers on September 12th with no set U.S. exchange launch date.Other exchanges will have to fill that HUGE void so Kucoin is definately going to see an increase in use and popularity very soon and most likely an uptick in price with more people using it!

    If you want to know anything else I'll be glad to help,if you want to sign up you can use my referral code if you like, (ofcourse you don't have to..) But it would help me out alot and it's very easy to put in when you sign up,it literally takes like 2 secs to put the referral code in when you sign up. Heres my referral code if you ever choose to give Kucoin a try,I guarantee you'll love the exchange,it's features and just how easy it is to use and invest with.
    Anyway thanks for reading,we haven't seen anything yet in this's only a matter if time til the next bull run and we're about due. No stocks or most other investment will EVER out perform crypto unless you find something like early Amazon stock, good luck with that lol! Alot of the top 1% of alts will be equivalent to exactly that in the coming years or better!
    Other good alts imo are Stellar and Neo.All will be around for many years to come and people buying now at these low prices will benefit immensely in the coming months and especially years. ALWAYS do your own research before investing but all the coins I suggested are solid projects and have a big roadmap ahead and won't die out or stop with development like 98% of other alts which are just shitcoins will.I hope all this helps you in some way ,good luck on your investments!

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  4. The "Coinbase Effect" that seems to have ended with new token listings will return when ADA is listed…..I also think CB better get off their ass and beat Binance US to listing those tokens Binance floted out there or they will be sorry…..


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