Microsoft Building On Bitcoin, R3 Corda Partners, SEC BTC ETF & Crypto In The US

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  1. I know a guy who sold some of his BTC when the price hit 4500. When it went up more, he sold more and the opportunity to buy back in never happened. He never even had 1 BTC! Now he bought back in after it hit 6000 and has been talking about selling what he has again. Some people just don't learn.

  2. The reason for the SEC delay is because of a) to gin up opposition against Bitcoin, or b) allow the whales to horde a lot of Bitcoin. It's no secret that there are a number of powerful interests who do not like the idea of crypto-currency, probably because they don't want their money to be affected.

  3. I learned about Bitcoin in April of 2017. I did some reading, and realized in May of that year that Bitcoin was going to eventually take over everything. I'm not a maximalist, I think there is plenty of room for all of the other coins, but I have no doubts that bitcoin will reach $10,000, $100,000, $1M, etc. Nothing can stop it. I have also been watching the markets and currency failures, and reading a lot of history. I think the US Dollar as it exists now is going to crash within 5-10 years. If you have savings in US Dollars or municipal bonds, you're going to be in for a shock. I'm investing in three things. Dividend stocks; Gold; Bitcoin/Ethereum. Nothing else will survive the coming crash.

  4. Hi……your last video about how many XRP a person must have in order to be a millionaireIt ends with out you saying how many XRP A person needs to be in the millionaire club …..the video wendt of line, cut in the midle of the end of the explanation …………you have to doit again..sorry

  5. The United States government does not want to be at the Forefront of the crypto world because the United States Government utilizes the u.s. dollar as a tool of control to control other countries. The US dollar system being the financial system of the world is not a power that they are probably willing to give up anytime soon and so they just keep delaying it even though it's inevitable because of that. Otherwise I do believe the US government had that not been the case with the US dollar would absolutely be at the Forefront

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