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  1. Bullshit. Making people happy to buy, and then they will see their money disappear like a fart in the wind. If you would care about your subscribers, you should provide them with realistic predictions. Not just trying to pump it up because you desperately waiting for a trip to the moon.

  2. Everytime these annoying moon videos come out Bitcoin is followed by a huge crash – come on be serious – 100K is not going to happen in the next 10 years if ever at all

  3. i have traded various markets since 1992 and no, it is not going to 100,000 any time soon. there are pro traders in the BTC futures market that will short every rally. like they are doing right now. down 2K since you posted this.

  4. When everyone starts singing the same tune, beware. These exaggerated price predictions are not valuable. Just people trying to pump their own investments. This can't go straight up for ever. There is little basis for these predictions. Nobody has any idea what's going to happen. Speculation is gambling, so act accordingly. Don't bet the farm.

  5. I'm very bullish about Bitcoin but i don't believe that it will reach $100k this year. Imo noone can predict where the price will go to next. Just buy and hodl and hope for the best and just use money you can live without if you lost it all. Sounds more like a gamble than investing when i think about it but wth.. No one remembers a coward.

  6. I was just watching your Live Stream and noticed my comments were not appearing on your screen. I was asking about Power Ledger…but my concern its that you have blocked me for some reason? I have never connected to one of your live streams before so no idea why you would have blocked me from commenting. Bit of a shame really as I enjoy your channel.

  7. Gente aprovechen que en esta pagina estan regalando Bitcoin satoshi,se puede sacar unos 40 dolares aproximadamente,entra a este link: solo se registran y una vez que están adentro darle click donde dice "Ver Surf" para que le llegue el bono a su correo,despues entran y listo Solicita un retiro a tu wallet.

  8. Also keep an eye on sophiatx. they are going to announce new partners in the coming 2 or 3 months. and an update of a new system is coming. I have seen it pass

  9. @sunny decree, @all spain people the big shit going on with the banks. A friend wrote me before an hour and told me the Bank SABADELL Spain will block his bank accound when he buy more Bitcoin with his money!!!!! WTF is going on the Bank tell you what you have to do with your money!!!! Be warned guy´s

  10. I need you, your compassion, your good heart that is no secret.

    You might have also lost Crypto's due to Bad Trading’s, Scams & Hackers.

    I have lost a lot and hopefully have learned my lessons and will try and not make the same mistakes again.

    I am looking to raise 3.25 Bitcoins to help me get back what I lost, and just a small donation from you can help me a lot.

    My situation can only be blamed on me and if you can help, it will be Fantastic.

    Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have you supporting me.

    You can help me now by making a donation:

    My BTC Wallet: 3ANg5CYpi3gvRdSn4z2TXeqmGk4DMUxaxE

  11. I believe 100K is very possible due to the following: Institutional Investors, Miners, Scarcity Multiplies Price and is Self Fueling FOMO. The 1% will soon all want at least 1BTC and with 14MM or less in circulation 100K is easy. On the other hand I recently thought we need a paradigm shift for the masses as buying at 20K or 50K for the average Joe seems daunting. Every one should have a BTC penny as a goal. That is very achievable and an eventual 1MM BTC Penny would be worth 10K at today's prices. So for $130 USD = 1BTC Penny for a potential $10K future.


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