[URGENT] Bitcoin DumpShould You Be Worried?

Bitcoin dumps tonight, should you be worried? Let’s discuss bitcoin and see where it’s going.

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  2. What the most of you don鈥檛 understand is, that that 鈥瀕ife changing wealth鈥 has to be earned by someone鈥檚 slave work. So while dreaming is fine, I wouldn鈥檛 brag so boldly.

  3. Just my opinion. This is why I say: If btc is the new gold or digital gold, it is starting to behave that way. Slower over all gains with a lot of ups and downs, just like gold. I see this as btc stabilizing.
    No more btc millionaires for no reason. The past 5 years has been like the Gold Rush and those days are slowing. I don't think we'll see another ATH for a while. I think it will take a financial crisis, just like gold.

    I think btc will stay within 9k and 12k until we get another financial crisis. When people start moving their money out of the stock market, we'll see 20k plus. Hodle

  4. 馃挜IMPORTANT馃挜 If you fib BTC鈥檚 whole 2017 move from just below 3k to just below 20k, then the .618 is around 13,450! Right where we got rejected (wicked above it for just a few hours) on our huge move this year. Could be quiiiite a bit longer till the true bull market is back!

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